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Fall 2019

Adirondack Healthcare Systems – a focused study of rural health

Herm Lehman, Faculty-in-Residence
Professor of Biology

This multidisciplinary course will examine various health care systems with a focus on rural health in the Adirondacks.   We will examine rural health care systems in the Park, that include medical care (hospitals, doctor groups, allied health professions, insurance), public health organizations (population-based services), and non-governmental, community organizations. Specific topics will include the history of health care in the Adirondacks, development and organization of various health and medical entities within the park, strengths and challenges related to cost, quality, and access to these systems in rural communities, how these systems interact, and current issues related to health care systems.

Fall 2020

Details coming soon... stay tuned!

Contact Information

Janelle A. Schwartz, Ph.D.

General Director

A Complex Interaction

Students in Hamilton's Adirondack Program immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty and human communities as they learn the complexity of balancing the protection of natural resources with the needs and desires of residents and visitors.

David Winchell—

DEC Ray Brook

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