ACC - Great Wall of ChinaEstablished in 1996, Associated Colleges in China is an intensive Chinese language program administered by Hamilton College, and hosted by the Minzu University of China in Beijing.

The program offers students the opportunity to improve their Chinese language skills and cultural fluency during fall, spring or summer terms.

The curriculum, designed and supervised by experienced American college professors, focuses on studying the Chinese language through individualized instruction and a high level of participation and interaction. Students pledge to speak only Chinese, and professors and instructors hold them to the pledge. 

The program has successfully trained more than 1,500 students who are linguistically and culturally proficient in Mandarin Chinese and can function freely in Chinese-speaking communities.


In daily life, the ACC program works wonders in helping you adjust, while simultaneously pushing you to throw yourself out there. Academically, the same is true. You are guided to hone your skills daily with a rigid and challenging course structure, but are encouraged to reach out and build your own independent capstone project built around your personal experiences, interests and long-term research plans.

Einar Engvig, ACC Spring 2015 — Chief Editor & Supervisor, InnoBuddy

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Associated Colleges in China

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