Minzu University of China is one of the best-known institutions for teaching Chinese as a foreign language in China. It was one of the first universities in China to enroll international students, and prides itself on its ethnic diversity. It is the only university in China where all of the country’s 56 ethnic groups are represented in its faculty and student body.

Minzu University focuses on the humanities, and ethnic studies is its defining specialty. Its courses cover a broad range of subjects, from the liberal arts to engineering. Its courses in ethnology, Chinese ethnic minority language, literature and art rank among the best in China. All majors at Minzu are open to international students. The university has a faculty of more than 2,000, including 510 professors and associate professors.

At Minzu multiple cultures live, work and study in harmony. Its high-quality faculty come from many different ethnic backgrounds, and  60% of its 15,000 or so full-time students are ethnic minorities. 

Minzu University of China, which has a garden-like campus, is in an urban district of Beijing, where transportation is very convenient. It is near the National Library of China and the China’s  ‘Silicon Valley’.


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