ACC will run an online program exclusively for the summer of 2021 as the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented resuming in-person instruction.

In this eight-week online intensive Chinese language program (June 11 to August 6, 2021), students receive individualized guidance and instruction and opportunities to improve their language skills through an interactive curriculum. Students pledge to speak only Chinese during class hours, and instructors are responsible for enforcing the language pledge. Although students are unable to travel to China in person, ACC offers them the opportunity to communicate with Chinese citizens other than ACC instructors remotely through discussions and virtual tours in order to explore their own beliefs and values to develop a deeper appreciation of cultures different from their own.

Program Dates

June 11 to August 6, 2021 (classes start on June 14, 2021)

Courses and Credits

Each student will take 2 Chinese language courses and receive eight credits (two Hamilton units) issued by Hamilton College when completing the online program. After taking a placement exam, students will be placed in the most suitable levels for them to begin coursework.

The online program offers the following courses:
  • Chinese 290: Conversation and Composition
    Through selected readings, class discussion, and oral presentations, this course focuses on oral and written communication, formal presentation, and argument development in Chinese. Through writing assignments, students will be able to read expositive and narrative articles with commonly used vocabulary and grammar structures. There is a special focus on conversational learning and basic writing composition skills in this course as it seeks to develop integrated skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Chinese 295: Reading and Discussion
    By exploring topics related to contemporary China, students will enhance their communication skills through external readings and other materials and in-class discussions. This course provides students with an optimal environment to develop advanced language proficiency by offering students an applied context in which they can use novel and advanced grammar and vocabulary
  • Chinese 300: Advanced Chinese I: Contemporary China
    By observing and analyzing television reports, interviews, and other digital mediums as well as discussing current social and cultural issues in China, students study Chinese language and culture from an applied perspective. There is a special emphasis on developing the ability of students to produce complex paragraph-level writings which deal with distinct content areas, allowing students to express abstract ideas and concepts, and creating strategies for independent learning.
  • Chinese 320: Chinese Mass Media
    This course provides students with a deeper understanding and greater exposure to the elements of Chinese syntax, grammar, and the language at large. Through readings and discussions of select newspaper articles, students will not only gain the ability to write and express their ideas and thoughts in full paragraphs, but also intelligently respond to other opinions and formulate counter questions and arguments in spoken settings as well.
  • Chinese 400: Changing Face of China
    This course offers students a unique insight into further understanding traditional and contemporary Chinese thoughts, concepts, and values, as well as Chinese history, cultural traditions, and changes in broader Chinese society. Most of the readings used in this course are excerpts from existing works written by famous authors and figures in modern China. Students use formal Chinese to discuss social issues and engage in thoughtful exchange with Chinese speakers to enhance listening and speaking skills. Topics subject to discussion include but are not limited to marriage, environmental protection, political developments, and current events. Students will learn to use context clues and existing knowledge to assume the meaning of unfamiliar words and develop meaningful proficiency in listening comprehension. The students will also use formal Chinese to analyze, summarize, and conceptualize social issues to develop writing skills. There is an additional expectation that each student should master Chinese grammar at an advanced level and gain the skills to write in sophisticated formal Chinese as a result of this course.
  • Chinese 420: Modern Chinese Literature and Culture I
    This course focuses on reading and discussing modern Chinese literary works which offer insight into China’s expansive cultural history and traditions. By cultivating a deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture through literature, students are expected to apply incorporated grammar and language to enrich their vocabulary, increase reading speed, improve accuracy of reading comprehension, maintain conversation skills via class discussion and presentations, and enhance their writing abilities through weekly composition assignments and writing projects.

Course Delivery Model

  • Daily classes (Monday-Thursday) are comprised of a 1-hour asynchronous lecture session, two 1-hour of small synchronous class sessions, and a 1-hour synchronous individual discussion session. On Fridays, students take weekly tests and participate in virtual group discussions or cultural activities with local native speakers of Chinese.
  • Since all ACC instructors are based in China, the time difference between instructors and students will be a challenge. The classes will be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. (EST).
  • ACC will arrange classes based on students’ location, their preferred meeting times, and alternative class times that they are willing to accept. We will try our best to not schedule a student living in the EST time zone synchronous individual discussion session from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. (EST). However, if we have to do so, this arrangement is likely to be temporary and students will have the opportunity to consult with the ACC office later on to find a more suitable class time.

Co-Curriculum and Cultural Activities

  • Each student will have a language partner to communicate in Chinese outside class.
  • ACC will organize bi-weekly virtual co-curricular activities such as movie time, guest speaker lecture, and virtual tours. 

Program Fees

The fee for the ACC Summer 2021 Online Program is $4,690 (there is no application fee).


The Summer 2021 application deadline is April 15, 2021.

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