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Associated Colleges in China (ACC) accepts more than 30 students each semester. Courses are offered for intermediate and advanced students who wish to study Chinese in an intensive program during the summer, fall, spring, or any combination of these terms. 

It has been the experience of ACC’s faculty and most graduates that six months to one year of continuous study and residence in Beijing is the minimum needed to attain fluency in the language. For this reason, we strongly encourage students, if at all possible, to combine two terms. We will enroll summer-only students on a space-available basis but, for the pedagogical reasons cited above, students enrolling for combined semesters will have priority.

It must be emphasized that ACC is a language-intensive program with an extremely rigorous schedule. Students should expect to spend most of their time with the program attending classes, completing assignments, and studying. Strict attendance policies and language pledge are applied and upheld by professors and by the field director. For Fall and Spring terms, an independent research project in Chinese is required of every student.

Application Information

Deadline for Summer, Summer & Fall combined:  April 1
Deadline for Fall, Fall/Spring combined: May 1
Deadline for Spring, Spring/Summer combined: November 1

NOTE TO HAMILTON STUDENTS: Hamilton students applying to ACC must also complete the required Hamilton study abroad planning process in order to receive institutional approval for participation in our program. Hamilton students should follow the instructions provided by the Office of Off-Campus Study found on the Getting Started page of the Off-Campus Study website.

All applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The application fee of $50 is non-refundable. Late applications are accepted if space is available. 

Those students who have done exceptionally well in a strong first-year Chinese program in the U.S. may consider enrolling at ACC to continue their study of Chinese. Many other students will find it advisable to study two full years of Chinese in the U.S. prior to enrollment at ACC, so as to be able to take maximum advantage of the academic and experiential study abroad environment that ACC offers.

GPA of 82/2.7 (for at least 2 terms prior to planned study abroad).

The ACC program has scholarship opportunities available for all students.


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