The Associated Colleges in China program has scholarship opportunities available for all students. 

Scholarships will be applied to your tuition balance (cannot be applied towards living expenses while abroad). Scholarship recipients are required to complete the term fully and satisfactorily, comply with all program rules and regulations and complete a program evaluation at the end of the term.

As the scholarship is meant to promote human understanding and world peace, recipients are expected to carry out community service in Beijing. This can be something of the recipients choosing, and may be done with other scholarship recipients.

ACC scholarships require the following:
Within 2 months of your return, you are expected to carry out an outreach activity to promote your experience with ACC. Some examples of past activities include the following:

  • Presenting at an information meeting/public meeting
  • Sharing your experience in a class with your peers
  • Submitting an article in the student or local newspaper
  • ACC Scholarship Application. Forms can be emailed or mailed to our office and should be submitted as soon as possible after applying:
    Associated Colleges in China
    c/o Nitsa Weld
    198 College Hill Road
    Clinton, NY 13323

Contact Information

Associated Colleges in China

Christian A. Johnson Hall
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4326 315-859-4222 acchina@hamilton.edu
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