Update: Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and Summer/Fall 2021 Programs

Dear Prospective ACC-Beijing Students,

It is with deep regret that we must inform you that Hamilton College has reluctantly decided to suspend operation of ACC’s Spring 2021 semester. This decision was made due to the continuing uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the restrictions for travel to China. Regrettably, ACC cannot replicate in Beijing the same health and safety standards for testing, monitoring, and caring that Hamilton provides its students in Clinton, N.Y.

We know this decision is a big disappointment to those of you anticipating a memorable and meaningful immersive experience in Chinese language and culture. ACC still intends to offer students the 2021 Summer semester or the Summer/Fall semester in Beijing. If you would like to switch your spring application to the summer or summer/fall terms, please let us know.

Hamilton is fully committed to providing a full and enriching academic experience in Beijing with the ACC program as soon as conditions permit. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Wishing you the best as we continue to grapple with these unprecedented challenges.


Nitsa Weld, Senior Program Coordinator, 315-859-4326
Yin Zhang, Administrative Director, 315-859-4519

Update: ACC 2020 Fall Program Canceled; Applications for Spring Program Open

Posted May 6, 2020

With deep regret, Hamilton College has canceled the fall 2020 semester of its Associated Colleges in China program due to continuing travel restrictions, under enrollment, uncertainty when our host university will reopen, and ongoing concerns about the health and safety of participants. We are currently accepting applications for the spring 2021 semester.

We know the decision to cancel the fall semester is a disappointment to those who have been planning to pursue this deep immersion experience in Chinese language and culture, but we have reluctantly taken this step in the face of uncertainties that may jeopardize the ability of ACC to offer a complete academic program in the fall.

ACC intends to offer the spring 2021 semester in Beijing. We welcome students who planned to study with us this fall to move their application to the spring semester, providing that is an academically viable option. Students may transfer from the fall 2020 semester to the spring 2021 semester by notifying Nitsa Weld, ACC senior program coordinator, at acchina@hamilton.edu. In addition, students interested in applying for the spring semester should complete the application prior to the November 1, 2020, deadline.

Students often combine spring and summer sessions at ACC Beijing, with qualified students electing to participate in language immersion and a summer internship and seminar. If you are interested in the summer option alone or the combined spring/summer sessions, please notify the ACC program staff.

The decision affecting the fall semester was made after careful thought and with great reluctance. ACC appreciates students’ flexibility and understanding as we work to ensure a safe, comprehensive, and intensive Chinese language and cultural fluency program.

Questions may be directed to ACC Senior Program Coordinator Nitsa Weld at 315-859-4326 or Administrative Director Yin Zhang at 315-859-4519.

Update: ACC 2020 Summer Program

March 23, 2020

Dear 2020 ACC Beijing Summer Chinese Language Immersion Program Students,

We are writing with profound regret to announce the suspension of the 2020 Associated Colleges in China summer Chinese language immersion program in Beijing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision was made after careful thought and with great reluctance, and with your health and wellbeing as our highest priorities. 

ACC Beijing staff members have seen significant improvements in COVID-19 occurrences in China, but we believe the situation is still not safe enough to offer the summer program. Travel restrictions to and within mainland China remain a concern, as does the continuing unavailability of instructional and residential facilities at Minzu University, our host institution.   

We hope this timely announcement gives each of our summer students an opportunity to make alternate plans. This decision is as much a disappointment for you, the motivated Chinese language students who have been counting on this learning experience in China, as it is for those of us anxiously preparing for your arrival.

For those who have an opportunity in your academic plan to join us for the fall semester 2020, please know that at present we remain committed to offering that program. We will continue monitoring the situation closely, and we are hoping to see many of you in Beijing in the fall.


Yin Zhang
Administrative Director
ACC Beijing
Hamilton College

Carolyn North, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
Off-Campus Study
Hamilton College

Update: ACC 2020 Summer and Fall Programs

January 30, 2020

The Hamilton Associated Colleges in China Program is fully committed to returning to normal operations. Although the spring 2020 program was suspended when Minzu University closed access to its facilities in light of the coronavirus outbreak, ACC still anticipates offering the summer 2020 language immersion program and the summer 2020 language/internship program in Beijing. We are currently assessing the structure and start dates for those programs in light of recent events in China. The fall 2020 program is also scheduled to take place as planned. Students are encouraged to proceed with their applications for the ACC programs.

Update: ACC Spring 2020

January 27, 2020

Dear ACC Parents and Students:

ACC Beijing has determined that escalating uncertainty in China pertaining to the Coronavirus is cause for us to cancel the program effective Wednesday, January 29. The dormitories will remain open until all students have departed and the facilities at Minzu are available to students who need additional time to make travel arrangements.

Students are asked to make immediate arrangements to travel home or to their home campuses as appropriate. Any student requiring assistance with travel arrangements should contact Chen Wang at ACC. Those with roundtrip tickets should be able to change the flight without penalties or change fees. If you are charged change fees or are required to purchase a new ticket, please proceed. We will be sending information concerning refunds and reimbursements. 

We will continue to support our students until all have left the country. Students requiring additional support concerning personal matters, air travel, airport transportation, or other issues should also contact Chen Wang at ACC.

We know this decision is a disappointment to our students who were poised and dedicated to this learning experience. However, conditions are changing rapidly in China. Our decision was made in the interest of the health and wellbeing of our students.

Due to new instructional restrictions at Minzu University resulting from policies pertaining to the Coronavirus we currently plan to resume instruction in the ACC Summer Chinese Immersion program. Students wishing to engage in immersion study may join the ACC Summer Chinese Immersion. Please contact Yin Zhang at yzhang@hamilton.edu or 315-558-1080 for more information.

The ACC Program will be in touch with you and your home institutions regarding refunds.

Students and parents with additional concerns should contact me directly.


Carolyn North
Assistant Dean, Off-Campus Study
Hamilton College
Business hours: 315-859-4329
After-hours contact Hamilton Campus Safety: 315-859-4141


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