The Associated Colleges in China (ACC) has partnered with CRCC of Asia, a business specializing in connecting China and the global community through internships. This unique experience allows students to gain insight into Chinese business culture, Chinese language, and develop professional networks.

The main goal of this intensive language and internship program is to bridge the Chinese language learners into the local community and provide them with language training and internship experiences to properly interact with Chinese as professionals and familiarize themselves with nuances of Chinese culture in context.

The program includes:

  • Fourteen weeks of intensive language study
  • Ten weeks of individualized language tutoring, biweekly lectures, project presentations, and an internship in a local institution
  • Journal entries that will inform language instruction and seminar discussion


There are two tracks, a language tutoring track and a seminar track. Both are required of students participating in the internship program.

Language track. Students will meet with their individual language tutors three times a week. The tutors will help students practice writing and presenting their individualized project in Chinese, assist students with specialized language of the internship context, and with communication in workplace culture.

Seminar track. An adjunct professor will focus on students’ integrated capacities of applying language and cultural knowledge in the target community and will guide students to develop an individual project. Students are expected to gain a better understanding of Chinese work cultures through a series of lectures. They will also learn to write learning journals to take field notes and raise reflective questions. The syllabus includes course readings in both English and Chinese, group discussions, lectures, and guest presenters.

Each student will be associated with a local institution or company based on their individual language level and career orientation. They will be required to use Chinese to interact with their colleagues and accomplish intern tasks on a daily basis.

Every Wednesday, students are required to meet as a group to exchange ideas from their learning journals and working experiences.

Students will also participate in a guest lecture series/seminar or present their individual project to their professor and a group of Chinese audience.


Internship Program is not running Spring 2023.

Selection will be determined in the admissions interview. The course is open to qualified students who attend the ACC program.

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  •  Language and internship program = $22,450. Limited scholarships might be available.
  •  Language program cost = $15,400
  • Breakdown for internship costs ($7,050):
    • Room:  $1,500
    • Chinese tables:  $200
    • Cost of internship:  $1,350
    • Instructional cost:  $3,000
    • Visa processing:  $200
    • Tutoring:  $300
    • Other:  $500


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