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Please check with the Registrar's Office at your home institution to make certain that Hamilton units are transferable into your credit system.
* One Hamilton Unit = 4 semester hours

China 498 (one unit):

Issues on China's Education System 

Two hours daily for three weeks 

Part I: Study of China's Education System 
Since 1989, challenges and opportunities of education reform in China, and reform impact in rural China. Readings include authentic materials from China's media, professional journals, and magazines. The course would be taught in Chinese.  
Prerequisite: Chinese 400 or above.

Part II: Advanced Oral Interpretation and Translation
This course will also focus on oral and written translation techniques having to with topics of education in China and US. Seminars given by translation experts will be offered and practice sessions will be scheduled to train students' ability to act as an interpreter and translator at conferences during field trips. Instructors: ACC faculty.
The course objectives include:
  1. to familiarize students, through readings and media programs, with the educational system in urban and rural China and enable students to compare the educational system in the United States with the system in China; and 
  2. through different activities, students gain the ability to comprehend accented Mandarin Chinese from different regions and improve their ability to interpret and translate academic Chinese with sufficient structural accuracy and fluency to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations in practical, social and professional settings.

China 499 (one unit): 

Independent Project and Teaching Practicum 

One hour daily for three weeks 

Under the guidance of the program director and individual teachers, students will spend one hour daily in class writing and preparing for a conference presentation during their field trips. Students will present on a topic of their own choosing relating to their experience in the American educational system.  Prior to field trips, three mock presentations will be carried out to different audience. Twice a week, students will prepare teaching materials and practice teaching for the day camps to be offered to rural students during the field studies.
Through the independent project and teaching practicum, the course hopes to achieve three objectives: 
  1. to prepare students to give presentations and lessons at conferences and day camps during the rural field experience; 
  2. to help students learn to use the language effectively in most formal and informal spoken and written exchanges on practical, social and professional topics; and, 
  3. to engage students in a learning process that helps them transform observation and reflection into self-awareness, and cognitive and affective changes. Instructors: ACC faculty.


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