May I live in a single if I choose? 
Single rooms are not available except in unique circumstances where there is room availability and the student pays the extra fee for the room

Can we drink the water in China?
All tap water must be boiled before consumption.  An electric kettle is available in each room.  For cold drinking water, you may either buy bottled water or cool the boiled water in your own bottle.

I know we don’t have a meal plan.  May I cook in the dorm? 
Students cannot cook in the dorm. There is a refrigerator and electric kettle in each room. There is a vending machine and a microwave on the first floor and both the East Gate and West Gate have a wide variety of very casual, affordable restaurants.

Do I need to bring my own sheets, towels, etc.?  The rooms are furnished with pillowcases, sheets and blankets – towels and toilet paper are not provided. The dorm’s custodial staff changes linens every other week.  Please be courteous to the dormitory staff and maintain good relations with them.  This is obviously in your own interest.  The same applies to your contacts with the staff of the dining hall.

How will I do my laundry in Beijing?
There are washing machines on each floor of the dormitory. All machines are equipped with dryers. They are free but students need to buy their own detergent.

Do I need to bring my own hangers? 
No!  Students from previous semesters leave their hangers in the free pile in the RA’s room.

Where can I work out when I’m in China?  Does the University have a gym?
MUC has some sports facilities open to all students, such as track and field, basketball and volleyball courts, tennis court, football field. There are also several commercial gyms or fitness centers around the campus.  Bally’s is less than 5 minutes from the East Gate.

Will there be a problem for me to practice my religion in China?
There have been students of many religions who have come to ACC. They found that practicing religion is not as big a problem as some might think. Beijing is a cosmopolitan city and people of all faiths have come here to live.

May I arrive early (before the program starts) just to get acclimated to Beijing?  Or, may I stay on after the program is over? 
You may arrive early and stay in the dorm, or stay after the dorm is “closed” at the end of the term, at your own cost. The nightly fee for your room is 80 RMB with a roommate and 160 RMB without.  Simply let the ACC staff know of your intentions well in advance.

What if I want to travel around China for a few weeks after the end of the program?  Do I have to take all of my things with me?
The dormitory building will store your belongings for you while you travel.  Please speak with the dorm front desk or the ACC office to arrange this.

I am staying for two terms and want to travel outside of China during the break.  I only have a single entry visa.  What should I do? 
Speak to the ACC staff before you leave for your travels.  You will have to get a second entry visa which takes about three-five weeks.  Should you be remaining with ACC for longer than 6 months, the ACC staff in Beijing will assist you in getting your visa renewed during your stay.

I know that ACC has a very strict language pledge.  What about communicating via telephone and e-mail with my family and friends?  
We do take the language pledge very seriously. However, we understand that your family and friends for the most part cannot speak Chinese.  Of course you may speak English to them on the phone, however, we request that you keep your dorm door closed during those times so as to avoid too much English floating around the hallways.  If your family or friends visit you in Beijing, we ask that you speak English only outside of the dorm.  E-mailing is fine as well.

May I have friends stay overnight with me in the dorm?  Are there regulations or cultural mores that should be followed in Chinese dormitories that would differ from what I’m used to? 
The dormitory has rules pertaining to visitation hours and overnight guests.  Normally, guests are not permitted to stay in your room overnight. But if the dormitory has empty beds, your friend may arrange to stay for a small fee.  Guests should also be prepared to leave their passport at the front desk. Keeping an overnight guest of the opposite sex in your room is strictly forbidden.

How much am I likely to spend on local transportation during a term?  Are the buses and subways expensive?
Public transportation is very commonly used in Beijing. There is a new price system that has a 3RMB initial fee for the subway and that will increase according to distance traveled. Buses typically start at 1RMB and move up according to distance. For a 20 RMB deposit, you may purchase a reloadable public transportation card that can be used on buses and subways throughout the city.


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