It is Associated Colleges in China’s policy to keep students’ health and safety a number one concern. If any health or safety issues arise, swift and decisive action is taken to assure the students’ well-being.

ACC is directed by a field director who speaks both English and Mandarin fluently and is in close contact with the general director and program coordinator in the U.S. office as well as ACC’s host institution. The field director and general director monitor for any health and/or safety issues that would affect students participating in the program in Beijing.

Local Clinics and Hospitals

Medical services on a par with international standards, at costs comparable to the U.S., are now widely available in Beijing. ACC provides information about local clinics and hospitals, and in cases of emergencies, the field director accompanies an injured or ill student through all phases of care. The field director and general director keep family members updated as to the well-being of the student.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency or crisis, such as the SARS crisis in April of 2003, the field director and general director communicates with the U.S. Embassy and decides to recommend a declaration of emergency or receives a directive from the Embassy which suggests a need for this. Once an emergency is declared, the field director and general director discuss options and devise a plan of action. The plan of action may involve ending the program and evacuating students or may involve restricting student’s movements. Whatever the plan, students will be given up-to-date information about the situation and the field director and general director will arrange all necessary actions to be taken. Students will be expected to remain in close contact with the home office. Parents/guardians will be kept up-to-date as well. For a more detailed copy of ACC’s emergency plan, please contact the program coordinator at or 315-859-4326.

Credit and Refund Policy

In the case of early termination, the program will work out credit and refund issues and these guidelines will be sent (in writing) to the students, parents and home institutions. Additionally, students and parents are given information regarding tuition insurance upon enrollment, which refunds costs when a student is forced to withdraw due to illness or injury. Finally, we suggest U.S. citizens register their passport with the U.S. Embassy immediately upon arrival in Beijing.


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