Global Macroeconomics and Finance

Director: Christophre Georges, Professor of Economics
Phone: 315-859-4472
Email: cgeorges@hamilton.edu

New York City is one of the great global cities at the heart of the global economy. This semester, we will focus on macroeconomic and financial developments in the global economy including regional growth and crisis, the shifting geography of production, income, innovation, and finance, and macroeconomic and financial policies, and explore the intersections between New York City and these global developments.

College 395: Crisis and Growth in the Global Economy
(Prerequisite Econ 102)

This course is a survey of contemporary macroeconomic issues with a focus on the role of finance in facilitating both growth and economic crisis. Topics will likely include the ongoing fallout from the financial crisis and “great recession” of 2007-09 in the U.S., the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and current developments in emerging markets. Special attention will be given to the role of New York City as a global financial center. (Economics concentrators and minors may receive one credit toward the major or minor.)

College 396: Independent Study

A tutorial resulting in a substantial paper that integrates experience and learning from the internship with an academic perspective and knowledge gained in the seminars or other tutorial readings.

College 397: Internship

Internship four days per week with a firm, organization, or agency appropriate to the theme of the semester. Students will keep a journal or written account of the experience.

College 398: Seminar in Global Processes: Global Macroeconomics and Finance

Critical examination of some of the global issues and challenges considered through the lenses of macroeconomics and finance. Issues to include economic globalization, the geography of production, income, wealth, innovation, and finance, international aspects of macroeconomic and regulatory policy, economic inequality and ecological sustainability. The course is organized around readings, class discussion, films, guest discussion leaders, and field trips in New York City.

Fall 2015 Participants

Participant Internship
Sam Carletta ’17 Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group
Haneul Choi ’17 Brooklyn Nets
Greg Elliott ’17 Citibank
Jeff Greenwald ’17 I Squared Capital
Wenyu Jin ’17 Deutsche Bank
Annie Leng ’17 Tory Burch
Landon Morin ’16 Nomura
Tucker Moulton ’17 Citibank
John Nader ’17 Priority Capital Management
Mete Polat ’17 Peloton Cycle
Hunter Sobczak ’17 Baron Capital
Winnie Tang ’17 UBS
Devin White ’17 Credit Suisse
Jaemin Woo ’17 Moody’s
Lisa Yang ’17 Tory Burch


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