Topic:  The Economy of the Social Sector in the Global City

Director: Chris Georges, Professor of Economics
Email: cgeorges@hamilton.edu

New York City is home to many social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations that aim to deliver creative, effective, and ethical solutions to local and global social problems. The social sector is an important contributor to the economy as a large employer and provider of goods and services. We will study social enterprises, the nonprofit sector, corporate social responsibility, and impact investing. The social sector has a long and vibrant history in New York City; we will learn about these topics from guest lectures and field trips to sites that illustrate past practices and current trends.;

College 395 Economics of the Social Sector
(Prerequisite Econ 102)

We will study the philanthropic sector, impact investing, corporate social responsibility, and social enterprises. We will examine conventional and new models of philanthropy, how for-profit enterprises incorporate social values into their business models, benefit corporations, and the principles and practices of social innovation. We will also consider challenges to the concepts of social innovation and concerns about the commercialization of the public good.

College 398 Seminar in Global Processes: Innovation in the Social Sector

In this course we will examine how social enterprises and nonprofit groups that operate in New York City tackle local, national, and global problems. We will consider how the social sector focuses on replicability and scale to extend local solutions to global problems. Students will learn from enterprises and organizations in New York City and take field trips to sites that illustrate past and current practices in the social sector.

College 396 Independent Study

A tutorial resulting in a substantial paper that integrates experience and learning from the internship with an academic perspective and knowledge gained in the seminars or other tutorial readings.

College 397 Internship

An Independent Study supervised by the director of the Program in New York City and based on an internship with a firm, organization, agency or advocacy group appropriate to the theme of course.

Participants Class Year Internship
Angelique Archer 2020 Out of the Box Theatrics
Edwin Brennan 2019 Digital Brand Architects
John Robert Carroll 2020 StormHarbour Securities
William Jordan 2020 Ardea Partners
Sarah Keefe 2020 Hamilton's Endowment Office
Taomi Kenny 2020

Millman Group at Morgan Stanley

Joowon Min 2020 Sage Asset Management
Calvin Neumeyer 2020 Pioneer Financial
Ngoc Ngo 2020 Mt Sinai Hosp & NYU School of Medicine
Marisabel Rey 2019 Fitz & Co.
Laura Rodriguez 2020 Municipal Arts Society
Jack Smith 2020 Cypress Associates
Graham Voss 2019 Storm Harbour Securities
Fengge Yu


PriCap Advisors
Yi Zhong 2020 Baron Capital


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Maddie Carrera

Director of Experiential Learning

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