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Special Note from Hamilton College Regarding Vaccinations and the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Hamilton College is requiring all students to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to arriving on campus in fall 2021, working on campus during summer 2021, or participating in Hamilton study away programs including Hamilton’s New York City Program. The College believes this policy is the best way to resume a full range of activities while protecting the health and safety of our students and the communities in which we operate. Some students may be eligible for -- and will need to show documentation of -- religious or medical exceptions, but the New York City Program hopes to achieve 100 percent compliance with this vaccination requirement. Moreover, for the New York City Program, in-person internships and many of our integral cultural and theme-related activities are likely to require proof of vaccination or proof of a very recent negative COVID-19 test. Hamilton’s policy is in place notwithstanding changes in local, state,
or federal health regulations.


Spring 2022

Environmental Ethics: Theory & Practice

Responses to the Climate Crisis in the Global City

Director:  Katheryn Doran, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Phone:  315-859-4135

Email:  kdoran@hamilton.edu

October 29, 2012: battered by Hurricane Sandy, New York City learned first-hand the enormous and deadly costs of climate change. We will explore how, in the intervening (near) decade New York City – citizens, industries, government –  has set about to repair the damage and prevent future such catastrophes.

The program will combine theoretical work on environmental ethics with applied attention to a variety of environmental ethical issues, and in particular on the question of how we should respond to the climate crisis.

We will explore questions about the relationships among individual action, political measures, and work in and on the private sector. Among our areas of focus will be varieties of information about and advocacy regarding transportation, environmental education, investment in research and development of energy resources, urban food sources, and building and housing.

Open to all majors. No pre-requisites.

Environmental Studies, Philosophy, and Public Policy concentrators and minors may receive up to two credits toward their concentration or minor.

Up to two credits can be allowed towards the Government major for COLEG 396 and COLEG 398, with COLEG 396 being conditional on Departmental approval of the final research project.

List and description of courses for Spring 2022:  https://my.hamilton.edu/academics/offcampusstudy/nyc/spring-2022-courses

Apply here:   https://my.hamilton.edu/academics/offcampusstudy/nyc/apply


Fall 2022

Labor in a Globalized Economy

Director:  Derek Jones, Professor of Economics

Phone:  315-859-4381

Email:  djones@hamilton.edu


Spring 2023

Labor, Immigration, and Reform in New York City's History

Director:  Maurice Isserman, Professor of American History

Phone:   315-859-4414

Email:  misserma@hamilton.edu


Fall 2023

International Trade and Globalization

Director:  Jeffrey Pliskin, Associate Professor of Economics

Phone:  315-859-4143

Email:  jpliskin@hamilton.edu


Spring 2024

Everyone Eats:  Food Culture, Security, Sustainability, and Media in New York City

Director:  Naomi Guttman, Professor of Literature and Creative Writing

Phone:  315-859-4780

Email:  nguttman@hamilton.edu


Fall 2024

Inequality in U.S. Cities

Director:  Paul Hagstrom, Professor of Economics

Phone:  315-859-4146

Email: phagstro@hamilton.edu


Spring 2025

Inequality, Identity, and Immigration

Director:  Steve Orvis, Professor of Government

Phone:  315-859-4310

Email:  sorvis@hamilton.edu


Fall 2025

Innovation in the Global City

Director:  Chris Georges, Professor of Economics

Phone:  315-859-4472

Email:  cgeorges@hamilton.edu


Spring 2026

Photography and Arts Leadership in the Global City

Director:  Robert Knight, Associate Professor of Art

Phone:  315-859-4266

Email:  rbnight@hamilton.edu


Contact Information

Karen Prentice-Duprey

(on behalf of Professor Katheryn Doran, General Director)
315-859-4634 315-859-4077 kprentic@hamilton.edu
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