Mediascapes: Globalization and Culture

Director: Patricia O'Neill, Professor of English
Email: poneill@hamilton.edu

Our focus will be on how film, art, literature, and music produce and represent global culture in New York City. We will study the changing venues for international art, the influence of diasporic communities, and the ways in which representations of New York City have changed since the attacks of 2001.

Seminar on Globalization

Critical examination of economic, political, and cultural processes that have defined what we mean by globalization. Issues such as the political economy of film and music, the role of identity politics in literature and art, the problems of capital and labor in the global city will provide a strong historical and theoretical background for more specific investigations in our other courses.

Special Topics Course

Mapping the City through Literature, Film and New Media
Readings and activities that will introduce students to the histories and cultures of New York as they are represented in books and on screens large and small.


Students will receive credit for working in a media or media-related organization. Weekly Blackboard entries will allow the class to talk together about their experiences.

Independent Study

Exploration and focused analysis of one form of contemporary media and its relations to globalization in order to suggest answers to one or more of the follow questions: What are the themes and values that inform works or activities that are considered "universal" or "global"? how does localization or culture identity persist in a global context? What approaches to or forms of media allow for individual or collective negotiation of the terrain or culture differences and convergences?


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Maddie Carrera

Director of Experiential Learning

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