As part of its curriculum, Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain has developed a course titled “Spain Today: Social and Professional Learning” which combines regular academic classes with a minimum of sixty hours of fieldwork in order to allow a student to immerse himself, or herself, more fully in Madrid’s cultural and social environment.

In general, an internship requires 6 to 8 hours a week on site, six group meetings, four classes with guest speakers, two sessions of PowerPoint presentations and four individual interviews with the professor. Students are required to draw up a proposal, write a minimum of 20 pages of field notes, give a PowerPoint presentation, and prepare a final research paper. The class has a limit of 12 students.

Public service work, including volunteering with NGOs and in public service professions such as teaching EFL, makes up the bulk of the internship options. Possibilities may include volunteering at hospitals, helping out in EFL classrooms (preschool / elementary school / secondary school / university) or editing EFL textbooks, as well as working for institutions which promote free trade or support the gay or lesbian communities of Madrid, helping developmentally delayed children and/or adults, or defending the rights of refugees. Under exceptional circumstances, a different topic of the student’s own choosing may be accepted.

The official course description for “Spain Today: Social and Professional Learning” is listed with each semester’s course offerings.

HCAYS does not arrange for internships outside the frame of this course. However, students who wish to do an internship on their own are welcome to do so and HCAYS will provide assistance whenever possible.

“I did my internship in Spain at a large university—the Complutense—as an English teaching assistant. Getting to meet Spanish students at the Complutense was incredible. I still stay in touch with my friends there all of the time, and I’m so grateful to have met them. Working in a large university several days a week made my time in Spain that much more memorable, and important.”
— Meghan O’Sullivan ’15 (spring ’14)

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