2011 Emerson Grant Recipients


Kadahj Bennett '12 and Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer
Reflections in the Dark: An Exploration of the Male Black Identity


Catherine Boyd '12 and Professor of English and Creative Writing Naomi Guttman
More Than Paper Pushing: The Handmade Book in the Information Age


Martin Cain '13 and Visiting Assistant Professor of English Jane Springer
Stan Brakhage: Poetic Cinema


Catherine Crone '13 and Professor of Music Lydia Hamessley
A Study of Banjo Instruction Manuals from the Nineteenth Century

Mao Ding '14 and Professor of Economics Erol Balkan
An Examination of China's Real Estate Market after Global Financial Crisis

Woodger Faugas '12 and Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas
The Concept of 'Development' and Its Use in Colonial Discourses: A Cross-Cultural Study of British and French Colonies in Africa

Joe Harmon '12 and Professor of Cinema and New Media Studies Scott MacDonald
Filmic Interpretations of Boxing

Alex Host '13 and Truax Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy and Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy Martin Shuster
Salomon Maimon, Kant's Revolution in Philosophy, and the Possibility of Knowledge

Anne Hudson '12 and Visiting Instructor of German and Russian Studies Peggy Piesche
German Counter Cultures and Identities: Islam and Post-Feminism

Ryan Karerat '12 and  Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs Alan Cafruny
Reacting to a Revolution: Tunisia, Egypt, and the New Middle East


Daniel Knishkowy '13 and Associate Professor of Philosophy Katheryn Doran
World Hunger: The Debate about Causes and the Scope of Our Ethical Responsibilities

Mariela Meza '13 and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Erich Fox Tree
Using Art to Regain Rights for the Silent Indigenous

Caroline Morgan '13 and John and Anne Fischer Professor in Fine Arts John McEnroe
Excavating Minoan Crete: Uncovering Gournias Architectural Past


Danielle Mortorano '12 and Professor of Religious Studies Stephenson Humphries-Brooks
The Female Sex Object: The Relationship between Voyeurism and Male Dominance in Mainstream Films

Amanda Ng ’14 and Claire Zurlo '14 and Professor of Chemistry Timothy Elgren
Detection of Bisphenol-A in Beer

Rebecca Ross '14 and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Erich Fox Tree
Documenting the Denial of Linguistic and Human Rights in Guatemala

Marcus Sesin '13 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology George Hobor
The Effect of Tenure on Classroom Instruction


Meghan Woolley '13 and Assistant Professor of English Katherine Terrell
Creating Camelot: Royal Appropriations of the Arthurian Myth in Medieval England


Linda Yu '12 and Hong Gang Jin, the William R. Kenan Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature
Attention to What? An Investigation on the Linkage Between Attention and Input

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