2013 Emerson Grant Recipients

Ivy Akumu '15
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas
Demystifying African Religion

James Anesta '14
Advisor: Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate
Portrayals of the Afterlife in Popular Culture

Katherine Bickmore '15
Advisor: Katharine Kuharic, the Kevin W. Kennedy Professor of Art
The Degeneration, Deterioration, and Decay of Society: A Critique of the Representation of the Femme Fatale in Art

Nate Goebel '15
Advisor: Carole Bellini-Sharp, the Margaret Bundy Scott Professor of Theatre
Apocalypse at Dinner: A Creative-Minded Study of Anton Chekhov's Craft

Austin Heath '15
Advisor: Richard Werner, the John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy
Grasping Infinity: Philosophical, Mathematical, and Spiritual Conceptions of Boundlessness

Jorett Joseph '15
Advisor: Professor of Classics and Africana Studies Shelley Haley
Justice Through Love: Community Building Efforts of Black Women

Elizabeth Kelly '14
Advisor: Lecturer in Economics Nesecan Balkan
The Seeds of Independence - Food Security and Risk Aversion in El Salvador

Crystal Kim '15
Advisor: Director of the Education Studies Program Susan Mason
The Korean Fever for Education: An Examination of Cultural Transmittance and Social Inequality

Nathaniel Lanman '15
Advisor: Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Andrew Holland
Bricks: An Intersection of Community and Architecture

Mackenzie Leavenworth '15
Advisor: John McEnroe, the John and Anne Fischer Professor in Fine Arts
Rewriting the Past: Excavation Project in Gournia

Nathan Livingston '14
Advisor: Professor of Music Lydia Hamessley
Performing the Poetics of Music

Joseph Michaels '14
Advisor: Professor of English and Creative Writing Vincent Odamtten
McElroy Sentence Questioned: Gender and Cosmic Generosity in the Work of Joseph McElroy

Grace Parker-Zielinski '14
Advisor: Margaret Thickstun, the  Jane Watson Irwin Professor of English and Creative Writing
Anthologies and the Revision of the Literary Canon

Deanna Perez '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
The Life of a Book: From the Bindery to the Pedestal

Malcolm Phelan '15
Advisor: Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
Identifying Operational Barriers to Prehospital Trauma Systems in Developing Countries

Sarah Sgro '14 
Advisor: Associate Professor of English Tina Hall
Family Gone Bizarre: The Domestic Grotesque in Contemporary Fiction and Poetry

Andrew Schnacky '14
Advisor: Professor of Philosophy Marianne Janack
A Philosophical Approach to the Work of David Foster Wallace

Sean Smith '15
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Art Robert Knight
Art Is...: Re-examining Black Art in America

Wynn Van Dusen '15
Advisor: Carole Bellini-Sharp, the Margaret Bundy Scott Professor of Theatre
Remembering "The City that God Forgot": A Study of Pop Culture and Art in Utica, Post World War II

Kina Viola '14
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus
Mapping the Labyrinth: A Study of Infinity Through Mixed-Genre Creative Writing

Ricardo Welch '14
Advisor: Professor of Music Michael Woods
Dear Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop's Portrayal of the African American Male Figure

John Wildman '15 
Advisor: Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
Overcoming Operational Barriers to Prehospital Trauma Systems in Developing Countries

Melissa Yang '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of East Asian Language and Literatures Masaaki Kamiya
Idiosyncracies of the Chinese and Japanese Language in Comparison to the English Language in Conversation

Claire Zurlo '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of Government Peter Cannavo
What Would Jefferson Do? The Jeffersonian Ideal and Modern Day Environmental Policy

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