2014 Levitt Research Fellows

Sarah Izzo '15
Advisor: Rick Werner, the John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy
Brains on The Stand

Nicole LaBarge '15
Advisor: Associate Professor of German and Russian Languages and Literatures (Russian) Frank Sciacca
Analyzing the Sustainability of Bon Appetit at Hamilton College Using a Life Cycle Assessment

Annie Lindahl '15
Advisor: Associate Professor of Sociology Steve Ellingson
Incarcerated Mothers: A Look into the Social Policy Surrounding and Implications for Women in Prison

Keri Lloyd '15
Advisor: Associate Professor of Government Sharon Rivera
Putin 1.0 v. Putin 2.0: The Development of Russian NGO Law and Resulting Effects on Civil Society

Philip Parkes '17
Professor of Biology Herm Lehman
The Origins of Over-Testing: Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

C. Adam Pfander '16 
Advisor: Professor of Economics Paul Hagstrom
Foreign-Born Labor Markets in Recession

Rachel Sobel '15
Advisor: Vivyan Adair, the Elizabeth J. McCormack Associate Professor of Women's Studies
Constructions of Gender and Sexuality in Medical Practice and Policy

Brian Sobotko '16
Advisor: Susan Mason, director of Education Studies Program
Transformational Leadership in American Public Schools

Ming Chun Tang '16
Advisor: Associate Professor of Government Peter Cannavo
A Global Warming "Hiatus"? Online News Coverage of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

Wenlu Weng '16
Advisor: Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literature Zhuoyi Wang
Malnutrition of School Children in China: Influences of Government Policies

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