Student Research

Our academic departments, co-curricular centers and study away programs provide meaningful opportunities for you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, laboratory and studio, and this will prepare you for graduate school and your career.


If you’re motivated and passionate about a particular topic, chances are there’s funding and a faculty member who will support that interest. You might conduct your research on campus or somewhere else in the world, during the academic year or in the summer, as part of a class or independently. Each summer, we award more than a half million dollars to support the research proposals of about 150 students. In addition, during the academic year, many students pursue independent studies, senior theses and honors projects.


Through independent projects, the Senior Program, and summer internships with faculty members, Hamilton provides an increasing number of opportunities for students to engage in significant — often publishable — research at the undergraduate level.

Senior Thesis

Many students fulfill the requirements for their concentration by undertaking a senior thesis for which they demonstrate, at an appropriate level, that they have mastered the content and methods of the discipline.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Each year Hamilton students compete favorably for some of the country's most prestigious and competitive national undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships and scholarships.

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