Preparing for Graduate School

In recent years, approximately 16 percent of new Hamilton graduates have entered graduate or professional schools directly after college. Some 50 percent enter graduate programs within five years after receiving their degrees. Since most Hamilton students undertake postgraduate study, proper preparation for such work is an important aim of the curriculum.

Students contemplating graduate study should consult as early as possible with the chair of the department in which they plan to concentrate. Knowledge of requirements for the primary field of interest and of appropriate related courses is essential to planning a solid program.

The staff of the Career Center regularly advises students on postgraduate planning, and many faculty members are available for consultation concerning study or careers in their particular fields of interest.

Any student planning on graduate work should be aware that many programs require a reading knowledge of at least one foreign language for the master’s degree and often two for the doctorate. A student should consider whether French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, Spanish or a non-Western language will be helpful.

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