Oral Communication

The Oral Communication Center assists students in developing applied communication skills through variable credit courses, the Oral Communication Lab, and discipline-specific instruction.

The OCC works closely with the HILLgroup,(a collaboration of the Library and Instructional Technology Serivces that support faculty in the identification, selection, and use of technologies and content applicable to your teaching or research needs)to supply comprehensive instructional support to students and faculty.

Oral Communication courses, an arm of the Oral Communication Center, are designed to support students in meeting the oral communication requirements of the College's new curriculum. First-year and sophomore students are encouraged to take OCC courses to support their academic performance in Proseminar and Sophomore Seminar courses. Recommended OCC courses are 100: Principles of Competent Oral Presentations, 130: Argumentation and Debate, and 140: Dynamics of Discussion.

For OCC assistance and/or information, contact Jim Helmer.

100 F,S Oral Presentations: Principles and Practices.
Abbreviated study of fundamental principles with emphasis on organization, development, and oral delivery. Designed for students who wish to increase confidence and overall effectiveness in making oral presentations. Videotaping. Open by academic referral or consent of instructor. Repeatable for credit with permission of director. One-quarter course credit. Maximum enrollment, 18. Helmer and Mason.

210 F,S The Rhetorical Act.
Study and application of rhetorical principles and concepts that guide the creation and delivery of effective public speeches. Students create, deliver, and critique speeches, demonstrating their understanding of structural, substantive, and aesthetic components of oral discourse and how these elements are adapted to different purposes and audiences. Maximum enrollment, 18. J Helmer.