Writing courses are courses taught by faculty from across the campus and open only to first year students.   Each has its own subject matter, but all have the primary purpose of focusing on improving first-year students’ writing skills. They do not count toward any concentration but are all writing-intensive.

[111 F] Adventure Writing.
Students will learn the basics of good writing through writing about their own outdoor experiences and writing about the history of exploration and mountaineering. Readings will range from the 1804-06 journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition to books about contemporary Himalayan mountaineering. Students are required to take two class trips to the Adirondacks on Saturdays during the semester: a one-day canoe trip in September, and a one day climbing trip in October. (Writing-intensive.) (Proseminar.) Open to first-year students only. Students may take only one 100-level course in Writing. Maximum enrollment, 16.