Physical Education


All enrolled students are required to participate in a physical education program for individual development. This “lifetime carryover” program is based on the theory that it is as important to develop a healthy body and a love of sports as it is to provide scope for the skilled athlete.

There is a five-part requirement that includes:
1) A physical fitness test (a course is offered for those who do not pass);
2) A swim test (beginning swimming is offered for those who do not pass);
3) and 4) Two lifetime activity classes;
5) May be met by completing one unit of the following:

       Wellness seminar
       Intercollegiate athletics
       Lifetime activity class

Lifetime activity classes offered include the following: aerobics, badminton, fitness, golf, inline skating, jogging, lifeguard training, outdoor pursuits, power walking, racquetball, scuba, skating, spikeball, squash, swimming, tennis, toning, triathlon training, volleyball and cross-country skiing.
Equipment is provided in all classes except skating and skiing. Most are offered on a quarterly basis consisting of 12 class sessions of 45 minutes in length. All grading is done on a pass/fail basis with attendance and participation as the primary criteria. Unless otherwise specified, all classes are offered at the beginner level and students are encouraged to explore activities that spark an interest.   

Upon passing the physical fitness and swimming tests and successfully completing the three other parts of the requirement, a student shall have completed the physical education requirement. Except under unusual circumstances, it is expected that the requirement will be completed in the first year. All students must complete the requirement by the beginning of spring break of their sophomore year and must complete the requirement before studying abroad. Students with physical disabilities may enter an individual program approved by the Director of Physical Education.

Transfer students should register for a physical education course upon matriculation and consult with the department chair about completion of the requirement. Prior instruction may be applicable to Hamilton requirements.