Mission Statement

We are committed to strengthening lives, families, and communities in central New York and the nation, through fully supported access to higher education and career employment.

The ACCESS Project at Hamilton College is a collaboration of educators, business and civic leaders, and social service providers dedicated to providing low-income, first generation college educated parents in central New York with all of the support necessary to thrive in an academic community, to earn college credentials, and to successfully enter into career employment.

Our program offers qualified students a firm foundation for their future studies, provides assistance and follow-up support in helping students enter into and complete degree programs, and assures that our students are prepared for and enter into careers that enable them to become economically secure and professionally fulfilled. At the same time, we work to meet the varied needs of our students' families, including introducing the children to their parent's student lives. We believe that by supporting low-income student parents in this way, they are able to lift their entire families out of poverty on a permanent and rewarding basis.

In order to serve a larger community of low-income parents around the nation, we have additionally created a comprehensive set of assessment and reporting tools.  By reporting widely on program pedagogy, methodologies and outcomes, we commit ourselves to the generation of innovative and effective teaching, social, legislative, and political strategies, in an effort to address the issue of long-term intergenerational poverty in our country.