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Marquis Palmer

Marshall Program Selects Palmer ’18 for Coveted Scholarship

Marquis Palmer ’18, a 2020 recipient of a prestigious Marshall Scholarship, will pursue two degrees over two years at two different U.K. institutions.

theatre and economics

Sophomores Double Down on Disparate Majors

Angelique Archer ’20 and William Benthem de Grave ’20 share dual passions – economics and theatre – and found a way to develop them both, in part because of Hamilton's open curriculum.

Cat Washington

Promoting Art on the West Side of Cleveland

Never a dull moment for Cat Washington ’21, a cinema and new media studies major who interned with the Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland. She assisted with community events, social media, and website design.


Bored? Watch This, You'll Feel Better

Henry Curcio ’21 spent weeks boring himself to death. On purpose. The philosophy and math double major felt compelled to experience first hand how boredom would affect him as part of his research project funded by the Levitt Center.

Studying What They Loved

Explore Academic Intersections

Meet Hamilton students who blended their passions and used our open curriculum to explore academic intersections that mattered to them.

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