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Canadian Citizen Guide to the CSS Profile

The CSS Profile income information should be based on estimated or completed Canadian T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Return for the student and both parents.

If you are a Canadian citizen, we advise the following answers to specific questions/sections of the CSS Profile. For other questions, the CSS Profile provides extensive online directions. If you need further guidance, please call the College Board at 305-829-9793 and choose “0” to speak with a person who can help you. Additionally, you may call the Hamilton Financial Aid Office at 315-859-4434 or 800-859-4413.

Currency Converter

State of legal residence

Leave blank

Adjusted gross income

Line 150 of T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Return (Father plus Mother)

Income tax paid

Line 435 of T1 General Income Tax and Benefit Return (Father plus Mother)

Untaxed income and benefits

Any income and/or benefits that are not included on your T1 and that are not included elsewhere on the CSS Profile

Explanations/Special Circumstances (ES)

Please indicate the rate of exchange you used, as well as any other unusual expenses, special circumstances, or information (as explained in the CSS Profile directions).

Contact Information

Office of Financial Aid

800-859-4413 315-859-4962 finaid@hamilton.edu
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