Net Price Calculator

The net price calculator provides an estimate of your expected family contribution (EFC).

The EFC is the calculated amount of money your family will contribute towards your annual college education costs. If certain circumstances apply to you, the net price calculator may not provide an accurate EFC. Examples include divorced/separated families, business owners, and farm owners. The estimated results you obtain are confidential and will not be used during our review of application materials submitted to our office.

use net Price Calculator

The Financial Aid Office is the final authority on financial aid eligibility (which includes expected family contribution and potential need-based aid).

If you have questions about the estimate produced by the net price calculator, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Who should use the net price calculator?

This tool is designed for U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are prospective students.

If you are a Canadian citizen, please use the College Board Expected Family Contribution Calculator.

Who should use caution when using the calculator?

In some situations — such as individuals who are in a divorced/separated family situation or own a business/farm — the estimated net price calculator results may vary greatly from the actual expected family contribution and financial aid eligibility determined by the Financial Aid Office. 

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