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We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic, with its related school closures and social distancing directives, may be overshadowing other things happening in your life right now — but we hope you will take a moment to celebrate your admission to Hamilton! Please know that we are working hard to organize a host of virtual welcome and visit events over the coming weeks in place of the Open House that we had planned to hold in mid-April.

Hamilton College Class of 2024

Upcoming Virtual Events

We were pleased to welcome so many of you to our virtual events for accepted students. As May 1 draws near, you may want to watch these events again, or catch some that you missed the first time around. They are available below, as recordings, in the ‘Important Messages’ section.

Important Messages

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We hope you’ll join our community. Here’s what to do next:
Made your decision? Please let us know:

Ultimately, we hope you choose to attend Hamilton — after all, we wouldn’t have accepted you if we didn’t want you here! Once you’ve made your college choice, please notify us of your decision.

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Admission Tunes

We asked Class of 2024 applicants to share their favorite music with us as we reviewed their applications. Here’s a Spotify playlist of some of our favorites.

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