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Hamilton prides itself on our supportive and opportunity-rich community. From chatting with professors over coffee to participating in the microfinance club, Hamilton students are actively engaged in and out of the classroom. Take a moment to explore the plethora of opportunities and support services offered.

Travel photos submitted by Hamilton students
London<br />Photo: Nick Squires '13
Paris, France<br />Photo: Linnaea Chapman '10
Paris, France
Queenstown, New Zealand<br />Photo: Cassidy Jay '11
Queenstown, New Zealand
Venice Italy<br />Photo: Heather Otis '10
Venice Italy
llanbaris, Wales<br />Photo: Laurel Symonds '10
llanbaris, Wales
Edinburgh, Scotland<br />Photo: Alyssa Kanagaki '10
Edinburgh, Scotland
Datong, China<br />Photo: Danielle Raulli '10
Datong, China
Moscow, Russia<br />Photo: Vaclav Tomicek '10
Moscow, Russia
Amritsar, India<br />Photo: Jori Belkin '11
Amritsar, India
Montmartre in Paris, France<br />Photo: Isabel Rittenberg '11
Montmartre in Paris, France
Denmark<br />Photo: Katherine Burke '10
Girona, Spain<br />Photo: Evin Adolph '10
Girona, Spain
Prague, Czech Republic<br />Photo: Kerry Coughlin '11
Prague, Czech Republic
Cairo, Egypt<br />Photo: Simone Rutkowitz '10
Cairo, Egypt
Scotland<br />Photo: Sarah Cryer '10
Oxford, England<br />Photo: Catherine Fiona Kirkpatrick '10
Oxford, England
Fez, Morocco<br />Photo: Anthony Garcia '10
Fez, Morocco
Peru<br />Photo: Alex Ossola '10
Carchi, Ecuador<br />Photo: Sofia Guerron-Cardenas '10, International Student
Carchi, Ecuador
Hong Kong<br />Photo: Natalie De Boursac '11, International Student
Hong Kong
Patagonia, Argentina<br />Photo: Hannah Fazio '10
Patagonia, Argentina
Yunnan Province, China<br />Photo: Cristina Garafola '11
Yunnan Province, China
Katmandu, Nepal<br />Photo: Annop Pandey '10, International Student
Katmandu, Nepal
Honfleur, near Normandy, France<br />Photo: Arto Eli Leino '10
Honfleur, near Normandy, France
Copenhagen, Denmark<br />Photo: Timothy Boucher '12
Copenhagen, Denmark
Paris, France<br />Photo: Andrew Epstein '11
Paris, France
Madagascar<br />Photo: Jane Fieldhouse '10
Tanzania<br />Photo: Calvin Johnson '10
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