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We know that your college search process will be different than you expected. With an altered  junior year, a move to online learning, standardized test cancellations, and limitations to campus visits, it can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. This panel discussion, led by T. Peaches Valdes, Hamilton’s Dean of Admission, will cover the most common questions and concerns we are hearing, and Hamilton’s Admission Officers will offer tips on how to make the best of these challenging times and tackle your college search with confidence.

This event was held on Tuesday, June 16 • Watch the recording


Panel Participants

Niki Barron hails from Fresno, CA, and is a 2002 graduate of Hamilton who just recently returned to College Hill. Niki is an Associate Dean who brings 17 years of admission experience to her alma mater, and her favorite place on campus is Wellin Hall.
Tyler Boyle is originally from Paris, KY, attended Vassar College as a QuestBridge Scholar, and is in their second year as an Assistant Dean of Admission at Hamilton College. In addition to traveling throughout the country on behalf of the College, Tyler has 18 years of tap dancing under their belt!
Ben Rose is originally from Berwick, ME, is a member of Hamilton's Class of 2009 (as is his wife!), and is an Associate Dean of Admission. When he isn’t overseeing Hamilton’s admission database and selection process, Ben enjoys walking his dog, Moose, and is a history enthusiast who has listened to hundreds of hours of history podcasts.
T. Peaches Valdes lived outside of Philadelphia, PA for twenty years prior to joining her colleagues on College Hill as Hamilton’s Dean of Admission. Peaches loves traveling around the country to talk with students and families about the college admission process, but her favorite place on campus is the benches outside of Siuda House (the home of the Offices of Admission and Financial Aid), because of the beautiful campus views.

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