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International StudentsModerated by Hamilton’s Director of International Recruitment Anna Wise, this panel will feature current Hamilton students from across the globe. We’re proud of the wide range of students from diverse backgrounds who are on College Hill. On our campus this past year were students from 47 states and 49 countries, with international students comprising over 6% of our student body.

We recognize you will have many choices in your college search, whether you decide to pursue a degree in your home country or abroad. To help with your college search process, we wanted to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about what makes Hamilton College such an excellent option for students from around the world.

This event was held on Wednesday, July 22Watch the recording


Panel Participants

Lóri Fejes ’22 is from Pécs, Hungary and designed his interdisciplinary major in Architecture and Urban Design, with plans to minor in Middle East and Islamic World Studies. He is a member of the Society of Urban Planners and Architects and the Arabic and Middle East Organization. 

Zhaosen Guo ’21 is from Beijing China, and is majoring in the interdisciplinary concentration of Data Science. He is a member of the International Students Association and the Fencing Club, and plays in the intramural volleyball league. 

Nyaari Kothiya ’23 is originally from India, and now lives in Maywood, NJ, and is a prospective biochemistry major who is considering a minor in math. She is a member of the QuestBridge Scholars Network and the South Asian Students Association.

Panida Sritatera ’22 is from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is a psychology major who performs in the Wind Ensemble, is a member of the International Students Association, and has appeared in several theatre productions on campus.

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