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What does Hamilton’s Study What You Love promise mean?

Some students know exactly what they want to study and can’t wait to get started; Hamilton’s open curriculum provides that flexibility. Others explore different options before discovering what they love and choosing the major; our open curriculum works for them too. With 44 majors and 57 areas of study, you’ll have the freedom to explore your passions - and the support to develop your learning plan through close consultation with an academic advisor. 

In this panel discussion, members of our student community will explain how Hamilton’s open curriculum works, how they decided on their major and minor, and what they’re doing to maximize the academic resources available to explore their interests and achieve their goals. Jack Nivison, Hamilton’s Senior Associate Dean of Admission, will moderate the discussion.

This event was held on Thursday, July 9  • Watch the recording


Panel Participants

Cristian Calixto is a senior from the Bronx, NY, who is a geoscience major. Cristian’s favorite part of Hamilton is the access he has to the amazing faculty. 

Nyaari Kothiya is originally from India, and now lives in Maywood, NJ. She is a sophomore  and a prospective biochemistry major, with a possible minor in math. Nyaari’s favorite thing about Hamilton is the community she has found. 

Cliff Musial is a senior who hails from Elgin, IL, and is a literature major. His favorite part about Hamilton is the global food section at the McEwen Dining Hall! 

Eva Nolan is a junior and comes to Hamilton from Wyckoff, NJ, a. She is a math major, and her favorite part of Hamilton is the supportive and close-knit community she has found on College Hill. 

Zhaosen Guo is a senior from Beijing, China. Zhaosen has created an interdisciplinary major in Data Science, and his favorite part of Hamilton is the friendly relationships that are shared between faculty and students. 

Jack Nivison is from Winslow, ME, and is a 2014 graduate of Colby College. In addition to serving as a Senior Assistant Dean of Admission, he is our resident movie buff and Trivia Night host extraordinaire. Jack’s favorite part about Hamilton (other than the community, of course!) is exploring the Root Glen!

Watch the Recording

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