Pre-Concentration Advisor Handbook

Requirements for Graduation

The class of 2017 will use the 2013-2014 catalogue for requirements. All requirements, including P.E., are listed in the student’s Program Evaluation on WebAdvisor.


Students must complete 32 credits to graduate. The vast majority of academic courses are worth one credit each. Partial credit courses, including theater production courses and music ensembles/lessons, count toward the 32 credits required for graduation. PE courses do not count as part of the 32 credits for graduation. 


The College strongly encourages students to participate in at least four proseminars, which offer intensive interaction among students, and between students and instructors, through emphasis on writing, speaking and discussion, and other approaches to inquiry and expression that demand such intensive interaction.  A list of current proseminars can be found on WebAdvisor (click on “Search for Courses” and then proseminars under “Course Type”).

Writing Requirement

The College requires all students to complete the following: 

  • three writing intensive courses (WI), each in a different semester
  • one must be completed in the first year
  • not more than one may be in mathematics or a language other than English
  • at least one must be outside the student’s concentration

A list of current WI courses can be found on WebAdvisor (click on “Search for Courses” and then writing intensive under “Course Type”).

Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QSR) Requirement

Every student must pass at least one QSR course by the end of the second year. QSR courses focus on one of three areas:  Statistical Analysis, Mathematical Representation, or Logic and Symbolic Reasoning.  A list of current QSR courses can be found on WebAdvisor (click on “Search for Courses” and then “Quantitative and Symbolic R” under “Course Type”).

Physical Education Requirement

Students are expected to complete the P.E. requirement in the first year and no later than the beginning of spring break of their sophomore year. The requirement entails:

  • A physical fitness test (a course is offered for those who do not pass);
  • A swim test (beginning swimming is offered for those who do not pass);
  • Two lifetime activity classes;
  • one of the following: intercollegiate athletics, wellness seminar, lifetime activity class.

Registration for P.E. classes is done via WebAdvisor.  First-years should be instructed to register for at least one physical education class at the same time they register for their academic classes. Returning students will be given the opportunity to register during the first two weeks of classes. PE classes are one-half semester long.  There are two sessions each semester.  Students can register in mid-semester for PE courses taught in the second half of the semester.

Note: Students who have not made arrangements to complete the PE requirement by April of their sophomore year will not be allowed to register until the second day of the fall registration period for their class.

Concentration and Minor

All students must complete a concentration.  They may also complete two concentrations and one or two minors.