Alumni on Campus

Hamilton has a long history of connecting students with alumni and parents whose advice, expertise, and resources help talented young people achieve success for themselves and in their communities.
The following alumni returned to College Hill this year to meet with students:


Willie Williams '73
Willie Williams '73, renowned photographer and professor at Haverford, recounted his early experiences with art at Hamilton during a talk in the Wellin Museum’s gallery. Photo: Nancy L. Ford
  • Kina Viola ’14, managing editor at Big Lucks Books; and Martin Cain ’13, Ph.D. candidate in English language and literature at Cornell University
  • Willie E. Williams ’73, the Audrey A. and John L. Dusseau Professor in the Humanities at Haverford College
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  • Eric Holloway ’87, P’14, P’18, owner of Signature Executive Search LLC; Chip von Weise P’19, Robert “Bob” Tucker ’84, P’19, co-founder/principal of Huestis Tucker Architects; Tom Klaber ’07, founder and principal of KDA, PLLC; Hadley Keller ’12, Digital Design Reporter at Architectural Digest; and Erica Curtis ’94, interior designer at Architectural Resources Cambridge


  • marc randolph '80
    Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph '80 chats with students during a lunch in the Sadove Student Center. Photo: Nancy L. Ford
    Thomas Tull '92, founder of Legendary
    Thomas Tull '92 and David Solomon '84
    Moderator Julia La Roche of Yahoo Finance leads a discussion with David Solomon '84 and Thomas Tull '92. Photo: Nancy L. Ford
    Entertainment and the chairman and CEO of Tulco; David Solomon '84, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Read Story
  • Marc Randolph ’80, Netflix co-founder Read Advice
  • Ron Pressman ’80, CEO of Institutional Retirement Services at TIAA
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  • Tim Kubarych ’10, partner and deputy manager of research at Harding Loevner LP
  • Sadiq Abubakar ’15, Founder of Trutailored; Adam Pfander '16, pre-doctoral fellow at Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University; Ellie Pinto '18, research analyst at Kantar Consulting; and Jaemin Woo ’17, research analyst at The Brattle Group
  • Cole Bodak ’17, category management associate; Cassie Dennison ’16, merchandising associate; and Will Johns ’15, senior business intelligence analyst; all at Wayfair
  • Emily Davidshofer ’17, business analyst at Seurat Group
  • Cameron Gaylord ’09, business development director at Snap+Style Business; Sam McNerney ’11, behavioral strategist at Publicis; Taso Mouhteros ’91, co-founder of Plum Agency; and Emerson Sosa ’10, associate director of media, multicultural at Mediacom
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  • Danny Kaufman ’12, director of corporate partnerships at New York Jets; and Leeds Pierce ’12, operations MBA intern at AptDeco
  • James Crafa ’12, enterprise sales director at Yesware; and Kyle Leahy ’14, senior account executive at Qualtrics
  • Robert Morris ’76, P ’16, ’17, founder and managing partner of Olympus Partners
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  • Tiffany Stefanski ’12, Hartford Insurance Group; and Larry Gilroy ’81, Gilroy, Kernan, and Gilroy
  • Andrew Kimball ’87, CEO of Industry City
  • Alicia Rost ’15, Kurt Minges ’15, Taylor Brandin ’15, Sam Fairman ’16, and Bennett Hambrook ’17, all from Willis Towers Watson
  • Erica Logan ’04, senior manager of Corporate Recruiting at Vericel Corporation

Media & Communications

  • Maddy Maher ‘18, Outreach Associate at Quill
  • Olivia Valcarce ’15, assistant editor at Scholastic Books; Zoë Bodzas ’16, assistant literary agent at McIntosh & Otis; Andrew Gibeley ’16, assistant publicist at Harper Collins Read Story
  • Kate Childs ’08, executive at the Creative Artists Agency
  • Ian Antonoff ’16, creative producer at Shorty Awards Read Story
  • Elaine Weiss K’73, P’07, author of The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote
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  • Jessica Moulite ’14, producer at Fusion Media Network (an ABC - Univision Joint-Venture)
  • Niels Lesniewski ’07, senior Senate reporter at Roll Call
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  • Bryan Jaroch Lauren Reynolds
    ESPN's Bryan Jaroch '97 and Lauren Reynolds '02 returned to Hamilton for the SpecSpeak series. Photo: Dan Tu '20
    Bryan Jaroch ’97, Emmy Award-winning ESPN producer; Lauren Reynolds Nelson ’02, deputy editor at ESPN; and Hannah Withiam ’16, sports writer at the New York Post
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  • Kevin St. John "06 and Andy Berman "06
    Kevin St. John '06, (foreground) and Andy Berman '06, right, met with students to discuss careers at Facebook. Photo: Katherine O’Malley '19
    Andy Berman ’06 and Kevin St. John ’06, both from Facebook
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  • Will Rusche ’13, former researcher in the Office of Communications at the White House; research coordinator, Snapchat
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  • Jim Windolf  ’86, media editor at The New York Times Read Story
  • Philip Walsh ’97, head of project management; and Isabella Schoning ’16, project coordinator, both from Social Fulcrum

Education & Nonprofit

  • Andrew Lee "94
    Andrew Lee '94 speaks at Hamilton.
    Photo: Samuel Cho '21
  • Tom Broderick '88, Assistant Head of School at Northwood School
  • KT Glusac '17 and Julia Dailey '18, from the Quaker Voluntary Service
  • Katie Veasey ‘17 from Overland
  • Alan Yeh ’18, English language assistant at Lycée René Gosse
  • Melissa Calvert ’95, vice dean of development and relations at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education; Lisa Hoskey ’95, director of student financial services at Ithaca College; Lisa Magnarelli ’96, director of college events and scheduling at Hamilton College; and Ryan Mahanna ’05, assistant director of annual giving at Hamilton College
  • Andrew Lee ’94, chairman of the board of trustees of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Read Advice
  • Becca Butler ’17, advocate counselor at Wediko Children’s Services
  • Kateri Boucher ’17, fellow at Quaker Voluntary Service
  • Morgan Markman ’14, Scholars Program coordinator at For Love of Children; Kris Hoffman ’85, educational services supervisor at Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center; Joe Blanco ’94, principal of the lower school at Iona Preparatory School; and Cameron Feist ’04, director of financial aid at Hamilton College
  • Lilia McEnaney ’17, graduate student in museum curation at NYU
  • Jackie Keegan ’95, senior protection officer at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Chris Wilkinson ’68, retired professor of Musicology at West Virginia University Read Story
  • Douglas Miller ’88, regional recruitment representative for the Peace Corps
  • Jack Messerly ’14, Izzy Janzen ’14, and Will Robertson ’14, all from Apogee Adventures
  • Laura Brantley ’10, assistant director of admissions at The Greenwich Country Day School

Finance & Consulting

  • Kevin Anglim '16, Senior Associate Consultant at Semler Brossy Consulting Group

  • Hank Arnold ’98, finance manager at Johnson and Johnson; Dan Keys ’89, financial benefits manager at Corning, Inc. Read Story

  • Cassie Dennison ’16, from the Graduate School of Professional Accounting at Northeastern University

  • Thilo Henkes ’92, Partner; Knute Gailor ’13; Bradley Hagan ’15; Elisa MacColl ’16 and Nick Solano ’14, from L.E.K. Consulting

  • Mark Fedorcik ’95, Wenyu Jin ’16, Caroline Langan ’18, Stewart Lloyd ’08, Christopher Lloyd ’09, Kirk Tashjian ’99, Brandon Willett ’18, all from Deutsche Bank

  • Kadaicia Dunkley 15, assistant vice president at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Sadiq Abubakar ’15, entrepreneur, founder of Trutailored; Ron German ’13, consultant at State Street

  • Allen E Erickson ’01, partner at Turtle Lane Partners

  • Jeremy Mathurin ’16, strategy and operations analyst at Deloitte; Lia Parker-Belfer ’16, strategy and operations analyst at Deloitte; and Maggie Joyce ’16, consultant at Booze Allen Hamilton
  • Devin White ’17, investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse; and Lisa Yang ’17, private wealth manager at Bank of America
  • Per Stahle P’18, senior vice president at BTS
  • Ellie Ducommun ’16, investment banking analyst; Annie Pooley ’16, financial analyst; Joe Simmel ’95, vice president of private wealth management; Lorraine Sperling ’08, associate; and Matt Sykes ’95, vice president of securities; all from Goldman Sachs
  • Eli Shakun ’16, associate analyst at NERA Economic Consulting; and Conor Bradley ’16, research associate at NERA Economic Consulting
  • Hannah Carlisle ’14, The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience
  • Taylor Hogenkamp ’13, manager of Corporate Strategy at M&T Bank
  • Andrea Shkane '83, P'18, managing director of operations executive middle market banking at J.P. Morgan

  • Victoria Madsen ‘16, Investor Relations Analyst at Oz Management; and Rashveena Rajaram '16, equity capital markets analyst at Citi

Government & Law

  • Edward "Mac" Abbey '69, Country Director at War Child Holland
  • Amy Greenan '04, CENTRA Technology Read Advice
  • Peggy Garte '01, admissions officer at St. John's University School of Law, Reuben Dizengoff ’15, and David Marsh P’20
  • Alicia Ouellette ’88, P'14, president and dean of Albany Law School
  • Mason Ashe '85
    Mason Ashe '85 speaks with a student during a September campus visit.
    Brendan Cunningham ’15, Chief of Staff at the New York Assembly
  • Mason Ashe ’85, founder and CEO of Ashe Sports & Entertainment Consulting, Inc.
  • Grace Lee ’13, editor, itbFirst Translation Bureau
  • Charlie Kaplan ’11, chief executive officer at Cymbal; Joseph Dougherty ’02, principal at Hinman Straub; Dan Leinung ’06, associate counsel at the New York State Senate; and Catrin Jones ’08, analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office
  • Matt Cartwright ’83, U.S. Representative
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  • Sarah Andrus '12, Registered Dietician at the Boston Food Allergy Center

  • Michael Carducci ’17 from the Boston Sports & Shoulder Center

  • Kim Hekimian P'22, Assistant Professor of Nutrition in Pediatrics and the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University

  • Jennifer Baxter '14, graduate student in medicine

  • Stephen Knohl ’93, Residency Program director and vice chair for education at SUNY Upstate Medical University Read Story

  • Macy Lawler ’16, clinical research coordinator/research assistant at Boston Sports and Shoulder Center

  • Gabe Tash ’06, emergency medicine physician assistant; Danielle Mortorano ’12, physical therapy resident at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Amy Linden ’09, dentist; and Jeremy Lowe ’15, medical assistant at Boston Sports and Shoulder Center
  • Sitong Chen ’16, senior actuarial analyst at CIGNA; and Matt McCarron ’17, senior actuarial analyst at CIGNA
  • Meg Pollak ’08, nutrition SBC specialist at Save the Children International
  • Stephen Knohl ’93, professor of medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Andrea DeSimone ’10, resident physician in the Department of Psychiatry at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals
  • Ellie Fausold ’13, food access specialist at DC Greens

  • Tiffany Andrade ’13, candidate for M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies at Northeastern University; Samantha Otis ’14, Educator at lululemon Athletica; Rori Dawes ’00, quality management coordinator and registered nurse at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

  • Pete Lauro '12, medical student at Alpert Medical School

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

  • Sara Schonfeld ’99, staff scientist at the National Cancer Institute Read Story
  • Nico Kernan '10, Evaluations Geologist at the U.S. Department of Interior, Division of Minerals Evaluation
  • Laura Tornatore ’10, senior associate actuary at Mercer, Li Qiu ’09, Senior Actuary at Clover Health; and Megan Schlosser ’13, actuarial analyst at FAST Technology
  • Matthew Bleich ’18, associate scientist of Medicinal Chemistry at EMD Serono, Inc.; Jack Goodman ’18, Human Account Development Intern at Vertex Pharmaceuticals; and John Bennett '16, medical student at Northeast Consortium on Medical Education
  • neuro/psych alums
    What I Did with My Major in Neuroscience and Psychology Panelists, from left: Leeann Brigham '09, Savannah Knell '10, Nathalia Mahabir '17, Laur Rivera '16 Photo: Michelle Chung '20
    Nathalia Mahabir ’17, therapeutic trainer at the Arbour Fuller Hospital; Laur Rivera ’16, lab manager at Colgate University; Savannah Knell ’10, campaign manager at the Partnership for a Healthier America; and Leeann Brigham ’09, a resident at Massachusetts General Hospital.
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  • Bradley Hagan ’15, neuroscience research associate at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Shauna Sweet ’03, data scientist at Nyla Technology Solutions
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  • Judson Venier ’93, senior fisheries biologist; Caroline Krumholz ’10, program assistant for cancer research; and Frank Delfino ’93, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Chris Donohue ’91, P’18; Taylor Friedman ’14, research associate at Unum Therapeutics; Jillian Hallak ’13, electrical engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory; Kristy Nole ’99; and Michelle Shauger ’96
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