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The Arts & Entertainment industry includes fields such as architecture, movie & theatre Production, museums and visual arts and fashion. Hamiltonians in this industry work at places such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, KPF Architecture, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

Scroll through the blog posts and stories below to learn more about Hamilton student and alumni experiences in this industry, and then use our career resources such as Facts on File and O*Net to learn more. Finally, meet with your career advisor and explore the Career Center curriculum to learn how to network with alumni to discuss your interests and learn more about their work.

September Highlights

Getting Involved On-Campus with Arts and Entertainment

Do you have an active imagination? Like to write or perform or create? Love the arts and entertainment field? Looking for ways to get involved on campus? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, we have the perfect ways for you to make some new friends while doing the things you love!

Music: From radio stations to full-blown concerts, there are multiple activities, clubs, and campus-wide events to join that incorporate music. Musically gifted? Hamilton has its own orchestra, jazz ensemble, several choir groups, and various bands. Not interested in playing but still love music? How about producing in music technology classes? Or creating your own radio station through WHCL! You can crack some jokes, play your own music, or bring on co-hosts to discuss some hot Hamilton topics. Another on-campus organization is the Campus Activities Board (CAB), a group of Hamilton students who help set up events such as concerts and famous guest speakers on campus. As a bonus, if you join CAB, you usually get to meet whoever is performing!

Theater: If you’re interested in theater, there are many opportunities to be engaged with! Improv is very popular on-campus, especially with our student troupe, Yodapez. Their shows are always packed, and you’re guaranteed a good time whether you’re a performer or a participant. If you’re looking for a less traditional experience, however, there is Hogwarts at Hamilton, who put on themed improv shows featuring characters from the Harry Potter series. For non-improvised work, there are mainstage productions every semester in the theater department, as well as Senior Projects run by senior theater majors. For some extra theater experience, you can join Untitled@Large. This theater club puts on student-run productions and holds writing workshops, so you can become a well-rounded theater enthusiast.

Art: To get involved in the arts, there are several notable options. Of course, taking art classes is the best, most formal, and varied option. There are classes ranging from sculpture to printmaking to video editing. For more low-commitment opportunities, there is Pottery Club and Knitting Club, where you can find other people who love the arts and you can share your work in a chill setting.

Writing: The campus newspapers are one of the most versatile options for getting involved in the arts. There are many different newspapers on campus including, but not limited to, the Duel Observer, The Spectator, Red Weather, Tropical Sol, La Vanguardia, The Continental, The Daily Bull, The Haley Classical Journal, and more! By joining these papers or journals, not only can you hone your writing and editing skills, but you can also learn valuable skills in layout editing, photography, and photo-editing.

Sports: Joining a sports team is a great way to stay in shape and make some new friends! There are several different varsity sports that people can try to walk onto, including soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and track and field! If you don’t want the commitment of a varsity team, then club or intramural teams are an option too. Don’t like being the player? Be the announcer! There are jobs on campus where students have the chance to broadcast games, proudly announcing players’ goals for the crowd to hear.

Tips for Landing Internships and Jobs in Graphic Design

  1. Build your resume.  The best thing you can do to get experience in graphic design is to join clubs on campus! Many alumni working in the field recommend getting involved with different campus papers. This can include joining the Duel Observer to draw comics or any other campus paper and so that you can work on layout editing or photo editing. This allows you to both use your practical skills as well as build your connections on campus and have fun! 
  2. Build your skills.  Taking graphic design-related classes can really help do this. Some of these classes on-campus include digital arts, visual studies, photography, and more! You can also take classes during the summer at your local colleges or online courses. You can even get creative and build your skills online with free or subscription-based services like YouTube videos or Skillshare.
  3. Make a portfolio.  Making a portfolio is an essential part of applying for jobs in graphic design (even more so than résumés in the eyes of some employers). So, build up that portfolio! You can do this by using examples of projects you made for a class, a personal project, or if it applies, a club. Portfolios should showcase your personal style, your skill level, and who you are as a person, so the sooner you get started, the better.
  4. Learn how to market yourself.  Learning how to clearly communicate is a very important part of this field, both while you’re applying, and on a daily basis once you get that position. In interviews, you want to know how to showcase your skills and how your past experiences make you a qualified candidate. You also will need to know how to ask the right questions to reflect the message in your design of what your boss or client wants from you.
  5. Networking.  One of the greatest tools for getting a job or internship is through networking. While this advice really applies to any field, it’s good to emphasize it. Luckily, Hamilton has a very strong alumni network to use for this! You can find and contact these alumni through MyHamiltonConnect or by searching for them on LinkedIn.

How to Have a Fantastic Day Using Arts and Entertainment

Too many times I ask my friends how their day is going and they respond with a slight shrug of their shoulders, lamely stating that “It’s fine” or “It’s okay.” Well, I’m sick of it––I don’t want to hear of another meh day. So don’t worry people, I’m here to help incorporate arts and entertainment into your lives to help make sure you have a fantastic day every day. A lot of Hamilton students believe that career work is simply cover letters and résumés (the awful paper stuff). But remember that you can have fun in your field every day by doing the little things that make you happy!

  1. The first thing you should do is wake up with a spunky, fun song as your alarm clock. Owl City’s “Fireflies” is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, and you’re lying if you say you don’t like that song––it’s an absolute bop.
  2. Now it’s breakfast time: the most important meal of the day. Obviously, you grab pancakes and eggs, the meal of champions. But wait. Hold on. Can you see it? The artistic opportunity presenting itself to you? Take that syrup and get to work making the most handsome pancake face ever created. Then you’re set to chomp your masterpiece.
  3. Before or after your first class, give yourself a little time to take a Glen walk! Feel professional as you note the foliage and contrasting colors and nod your head all serious like. If you’re particularly ambitious, grab some coloring utensils, paper, and find a nice place to paint the scenery.
  4. Now you gotta be hungry again, so you head on over to the Diner. But it’s so quiet there! No one is singing or dancing and that’s a problem. Time to spice up lunch! Grab some dollar bills, put them in the jukebox, and start pumping out your favorite jams. May I recommend some Taylor Swift throw backs, Katy Perry, or Post Malone?
  5. When you’re in class, that is prime time to get in some art practice. I am a professional doodler of both flowers and mini-hearts while I’m keeping myself awake writing down notes and being a good student.
  6. A personal favorite: Take a nap. Everyone in the arts and entertainment industry needs some rest to restock up the creative juices. So relax and get your sleep on!
  7. After a sweet slumber, it’s time for your *flash mob* that you are going to perform in Commons. By flash mob, I mean either doing a full-blown real dance on top of tables with confetti and a whole posse behind you doing the same routine, OR doing a little happy dance while you wait in line for Commons Ice Cream––and you already know you have to get a big serving of that Blueberry Cheesecake.
  8. After dinner, the real show begins as you step in line for the best show around: Your Shower Concert (LOUD AIR HORN NOISES)!!! All the songs you love sung by you! No audience, no pressure, just straight pipes.
  9. A long day of A&E really wears a person out, so hop into bed with your pajama bottoms you’ve had since you were 12 years old and get ready for some sleep. But before you do that, set your alarm with a different song so you can have another fantastic day tomorrow.


When One Door ClosesSusie Szeto Price

Susie Szeto Price graduated from Hamilton in 1992 with a degree in women’s studies. From Hamilton, she went on to earn her master of arts degree in film, cinema, and video studies from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. She now works as a photographer for Getty Images.

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