• Outcomes

    Recent graduates are launching careers or taking the next step toward professional degrees.

    Joel Adade
  • Experiential Learning

    Hamilton offers numerous options for internships that provide important ways to explore careers.

    Carolyn Casey
  • Leaders in Their Field

    Our alumni live lives of meaning and purpose.

    Career Center

    The Find Your Future Career Center curriculum consists of four educational pillars.

After four years on College Hill, you will be well prepared to pursue a graduate degree or enter the work force.

Careers and Graduate Schools

Hamilton is the perfect size for our students to get personalized attention from faculty advisors and Career Center professionals as they consider careers and grad school options.


Nine in 10 of our seniors report having at least one career-­related experience prior to graduating; more than seven in 10 have two.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Each year our students compete favorably for some of the country’s most prestigious and competitive national fellowships and scholarships.

The #Hamily

Whether it’s an alumnus returning to campus to hold a career workshop or making a quick introduction, the Hamilton Network is an invaluable resource.

Professor Todd Franklin & Justin Madison '20 before the 2020 Commencement

The Hamilton Network

Whether they serve as a corporate CEO, a world-renowned artist, or a civil rights pioneer, Hamilton alumni return to campus regularly, maintaining ties with former teachers and meeting with students in the classroom, the Career Center, or over a cup of coffee. And in the months following graduation, alumni are there again, welcoming recent graduates to a new city and helping them make personal and professional contacts that launch successful careers.

After Hamilton

Our Alumni

Go ahead. Fill in the blank. There’s no shortage of possibilities Because Hamiltonians make an impact in their professions and communities throughout the world.

Yina Lou Moore '03

Because Hamiltonians Renovate: Yina Luo Moore ’03

Yina Luo Moore ’03 is the owner and architect charged with renovating a theatre building that has stood vacant since the 1960s. “The theatre renovation work is a continuation of my passions in spatial design, arts development, and interdisciplinary collaborations.”

Local Food Mohawk Valley 2022

Cultivating Sustainable Food Practices in Clinton

Jack Riffle ’12 works at a preschool in Clinton, but he believes in the importance of relocalizing the food economy. This belief prompted him to found Local Foods Mohawk Valley, an online farmers market that connects local producers to the community and makes local food more accessible to residents.

The formula for businesses trying to compete in today’s economy is simple: hire employees with the mental agility, leadership, and passion to navigate constant change — in other words, hire those who are liberally educated.

A. G. Lafley ’69 Retired chairman, president, and CEO of Proctor & Gamble A. G. Lafley

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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