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Step 1: Scheduling

Because of many dental schools' rolling admissions policies (in which they decide on whether to accept applicants in the order in which they interview), it is to your benefit to schedule your interview early in the fall (before December 1st) because the sooner you have your interview, the sooner you'll be considered for acceptance (at a time when the class is not yet full).

Some schools will give you a range of interview dates; other schools give you freedom to choose when you want to interview and some schools will inform you of your assigned interview date in the interview invitation (which you may ask to change if you have a conflict).

Interviews can be expensive and time-consuming , so if it is possible, you may try to group interviews together by location. If you get an invitation to interview in a far-flung region and haven't yet heard from other schools in the same place, you may give those schools a call and politely inform them of your situation to see if they are interested in interviewing you.

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