The prerequisites vary by school, so students should refer to potential schools’ websites.
As a general reference, most medical schools require the following prerequisite courses:
General Biology (2 semesters with Lab)
General Chemistry (2 semesters with Lab)
Organic Chemistry (2 semesters with Lab)
Biochemistry (1 semester with Lab)
Physics (2 semesters with Lab)
English/Literature (2 semesters)

Psychology (1 semester)
Sociology (1 semester)
Calculus (1 semester)
Statistics (1 semester)

Hamilton Specific Notes and Information:

There are two options for fulfilling the chemistry and biochemistry requirements (option #1 will provide better preparation for the MCAT):

  1. Principles of Chemistry (Chem 120F), Organic Chemistry I (Chem 190S), Organic Chemistry II (Chem 255F), Biological Chemistry (Chem 270S), and Biochemistry (Bio 346F)
  2. Principles of Chemistry (Chem 120F), Organic Chemistry I (Chem 190S), Organic Chemistry (Chem 255F), Inorganic Chemistry and Material (Chem 265S), and Biological Chemistry (Chem 270S)

Note: If you do not elect to take general chemistry in the first semester of your first year and would like to study abroad, it will not be possible to fulfill all the requirements for a chemistry or biochemistry concentration.

Note: students planning to major in Biochemistry AND study abroad in spring of junior year should take physics during sophomore year in order to fulfill the prerequisites for Physical Chemistry I/II.

All schools appreciate mathematical competence as a strong foundation for understanding the basic sciences. In addition, a working knowledge of statistics helps both medical students and physicians to become critical evaluators of the medical literature. Thus, success on the MCAT will likely depend on a solid understanding of statistics.

Furthermore, calculus courses may be required as prerequisites for many of the upper level science courses in the Hamilton curriculum. For many students, it may be a good idea to take one semester of calculus.

In preparation for the MCAT, it is recommended that students elect to take a psychology and sociology course. Upper-level courses may be chosen with prior AP credit.


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