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The Class Leadership Committee furthers class affiliation, disseminates information about the College and the class, and supports the success of their respective class’s Hamilton Annual Fund. The members oversee Reunion for their classes’ five-year Reunion cycle. More...

Chairs: Parker Riehle ’88, P’20
Vice Chair: Cindy Perez '98

Committee Members

Class Leadership
1956 Dr. Edward B. Bradley, President
Mr. Greg Bathon, Correspondent
1959 Dr. William F. Wieting, President
Mr. William E. Poole, III, Correspondent
1960 Mr. Neal H. Pilson, President
Dr. Robert B. Rockwell, Correspondent
1961 Mr. Dennis R. Baldwin, President
1962 Mr. Samuel R. Crowl, President/Correspondent
1963 Mr. John P. Toohey, President
1965 Mr. Forrest L. Jones, Correspondent
1968 Mr. J. Christopher Wilkinson, President
1969 Mr. William J. Muller, Correspondent
1972K Dr. Donna O. Kerner, President
1974K Ms. Nanelle Napp, President/Correspondent
1975 Ms. Carolyn E. York, President
1977K Ms. M. Lori Richard Reidel, President
1978K Ms. Patricia Watras Dana, President
1981 Ms. Eleanor Phillips Cyr, President
1982 Ms. Bethany Fox Tulloch, Correspondent
1983 Ms. Natasha I. Householder, President
1985 Ms. Paula Clancy, President
1986 Ms. Meredith Emerson Ritchie, President
1988 Mr. Parker M. Riehle, President
1992 Ms. Sarah B. Shpetner, President
1993 Ms. Kathleen M. McDonough, President
Mr. Brendan J. McCormick, Correspondent
1994 Ms. Elizabeth Fox Keogh, President
1997 Ms. Erin E. Head, President
1998 Ms. Cindy M. Perez, President
2000 Ms. Rori C. Dawes-Dyment, President
2001 Ms. Rhette A. Buller, President
2002 Ms. Nicole L. Barron, President
2004 Ms. Megan A. Hauck, President
Ms. Celine T. Geiger, Correspondent
2005 Ms. Elizabeth C. Conway, Co-President
Mrs. Elizabeth Dolan Wright, Co-President
Ms. Sara P. Messier, Correspondent
2006 Ms. Colby Bishop, Co-President
Ms. Phoebe B. Scott, Co-President
2009 Ms. Allison E. Stalla, President
2012 Ms. Lily C. Gillespie, President
2013 Ms. Amy C. Soenksen, President
2014 Ms. Meghan T. Doherty, President
2016 Abigail L. Homer, President
2017 Silvia M. Radulescu, President
2018 Lilly A. Pieper, President
Kirkland Dr. Donna O. Kerner
Ms. Nanelle Napp
Ms. M. Lori Richard Reidel
Ms. Patricia Watras Dana


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