The Class Leadership Committee (CLC) keeps the pulse of the alumni body’s sentiments and translates them to the College, while also bringing classmates closer to each other and to life on College Hill today. The committee comprises a chair and vice chair as well as class leadership teams (Class President, Class Correspondent, and Class Gift Chair) representing each class. More  ...

Chairs: Parker Riehle ’88, P’20
Vice Chair: Cindy Perez ’98
Committee Liaison: Jess Zielinski, Associate Director, Alumni Relations

Class Leadership
1952 Jack R. Banks, Class Correspondent
1953 Hans L. Ullstein, Correspondent
1954 Stewart A. Pollock, Correspondent
1955 Ronald A. Krauss, President
Roger M. D'Aprix, Correspondent
1956 Edward B. Bradley, President
Greg Bathon, Correspondent
1957 Christopher F. Durham, President/Correspondent
Paul N. McGiffin, Co-President
1958 Fred R. Brooks, Jr., President/Gift Chair
David K. McMillan, Correspondent
1959 William F. Wieting, President
Paul A. Bauer, Correspondent
1960 Neal H. Pilson, President
Robert B. Rockwell, Correspondent
1961 Dennis R. Baldwin, President
Thomas R. Crane, Jr., Correspondent
1962 Samuel R. Crowl, President/Correspondent
1963 Douglas P. Wheeler, Correspondent
1964 Richard Pfau, President
Jonathan C. Vick, Correspondent
1965 Bill M. Toomajian, President
Jeffrey E. Kremen, Correspondent
1966 Edward S. Frese, President
John S. Snyder, Gift Chair
R. Curtis Brand, Jr., Correspondent
1967 Daniel D. Shonn, Jr., President
Arthur F. Jones, Gift Chair
A. Barrett Seaman, Correspondent
1968 J. Christopher Wilkinson, President
Michael S. Berkowitz, Co-Gift Chair/Correspondent
J. Harland Higby, Co-Gift Chair
1969 Steve T. Kenny, Co-President
Michael D. Seitzinger, Co-President
Thomas Ducibella, Correspondent
William J. Muller, Correspondent
1970 Wilson C. Everhart, Jr., President
Myron A. Bloom, Gift Chair
Geoffrey Precourt, Co-Correspondent
Ray L. Boggs, Co-Correspondent
1971 Jerome Pitarresi, President
James J. Carey, Jr., Gift Chair
Rory J. Radding, Correspondent
1972 Joseph K. Hage, III, President
Scott W. Belleman, Co-Gift Chair
Matthew M. McKenna, Co-Gift Chair
G. Jeremiah Ryan, Co-Gift Chair
Glenn M. Reisman, Correspondent
1972K Donna O. Kerner, President
Sara Redding Wilson, Gift Chair
Susan A. Bickford, Correspondent
1973 James S. Vick, President
Stuart J. Hamilton, Co-Gift Chair
Dennis Oakes, Co-Gift Chair
Richard P. Eckman, Correspondent
1973K Connie L. Belfiore, President
Jennifer Potter Hayes, Co-Gift Chair
Judith Barnett Nauseef, Co-Gift Chair/Correspondent
1974 Edward G. Watkins, President/Correspondent
Cosmo F. Castellano, Co-Gift Chair
J. Bradley Caswell, Co-Gift Chair
Donald R. Kendall, Jr., Co-Gift Chair
Benjamin P. Madonia, III, Gift Planning Chair
1974K Nanelle Napp, President/Co-Gift Chair/Correspondent
Joanne Papanek Orlando, Co-Gift Chair
1975 Peter B. Lotto, President
Joe C. Konen, Co-Gift Chair
Robert W. Lyford, Co-Gift Chair
Robert E. Hylas, Correspondent
1975K Carolyn E. York, President
1976 Donald B. Reynolds, Jr., Gift Chair
Thomas J. Moore, Correspondent
1976K Lisa R. Uvanni, President and Gift Chair
1977 Gregory J. Pepe, President
Jan P. Berger, Gift Chair
1977K M. Lori Richard Reidel, President
Susan E. Skerritt, Co-Gift Chair
Carol Travis Friscia, Co-Gift Chair/Correspondent
1978 John P. Brennan, Co-Gift Chair
Robert D. Millar, Gift Co-Chair
Robert J. McCormick, Correspondent
1978K Patricia Watras Dana, President
1979 Steve A. Culbertson, Reunion Committee Co-Leader
Robert H. Hartheimer, Reunion Committee Co-Leader
Bradford C. Auerbach, Correspondent
1980 Francis J. Tietje, President
Stephen W. Starnes, Gift Chair
Peggy Daniel, Correspondent
1981 Eleanor Phillips Cyr, President
Lou Di Cerbo, Gift Chair
Paddy J. McGuire, Correspondent
1982 Scott J. Allocco, President/Gift Chair
Bethany Fox Tulloch, Correspondent
1983 Natasha I. Householder, President
Judith Alperin King, Gift Chair
Joseph T. Flynn, Jr., Correspondent
1984 Randi Lowitt Gnesin, President
Julia Lamson Ross, Gift Chair
Charles F.X. Mierswa, Correspondent
1985 Paula Clancy, Co-President
Sean E. Clancy, Co-President/Co-Gift Chair
Aeon L. Cummings, Gift Co-Chair
Deborah Grassi Baker, Correspondent
1986 Meredith Emerson Ritchie, President
Melissa D. Joyce-Rosen, Gift Chair/Correspondent
1987 Christopher S. Flagg, President
Eric A. Holloway, Gift Chair
Monique Lui Holloway, Correspondent
1988 Parker M. Riehle, President
Julio R. Dolorico, Gift Chair
Maria T. DiGiulian, Correspondent
1989 Frank C. Vlossak, President
Jeffrey Schackner, Gift Chair
1990 Thomas D. Brush, Jr., President
Cleon E. Cumberbatch, Gift Chair
Tamara L. Conway, Correspondent
1991 Brett H. Mandel, President
Margaret B. Schilling, Gift Chair
Raymond J. Lauenstein, Jr., Correspondent
1992 Richard M. Skinner, Correspondent
1993 Kathleen M. McDonough, President
Gabriela Scully, Gift Chair
Brendan J. McCormick, Correspondent
1994 Elizabeth Fox Keogh, Co-President/Co-Gift Chair
Julie Saslow, Co-President/Correspondent
Kyle F. Keogh, Co-Gift Chair
1995 William J. Ferguson, Correspondent
1996 Christina McSorley Sommer, Correspondent
1997 Erin E. Head, President
Brett J. Nolan, Gift Chair
Leslie Allen Kotalik, Correspondent
1998 Cindy M. Perez, President
Jonathan L. Gilbert, Gift Chair
Samantha Packer Finkelstein, Correspondent
1999 Hilary J. Haldeman, President
Celia M. Najar, Gift Chair
Sarah E. House Murphy, Correspondent
2000 Rori C. Dawes-Dyment, President
Jeffrey A. Garte, Co-Gift Chair
Tyler S. Hirschey, Co-Gift Chair
Carol B. Lang, Correspondent
2001 Rhette A. Buller, President
Margaret M. Malloy Garte, Gift Chair
Nina Sharma, Correspondent
2002 Nicole L. Barron, President
Daniel J. Fillius, Correspondent
2003 Maurice I. Owen-Michaane, President
Frederick K. Jones, Gift Chair
Amanda G. Horrigan, Correspondent
2004 Megan A. Hauck, President/Gift Chair
Elizabeth A. Ransom, Correspondent
2005 Elizabeth Dolan Wright, President
Michelle L. Noe, Correspondent
2006 Colby Bishop, Co-President
Phoebe B. Scott, Co-President
Meghan C. Hover Szczech , Correspondent
2007 Neal J. Frei, Co-President
Robert H. Rosenzweig, Gift Chair
Sara A. Carhart, Correspondent
2008 Matt C, D'Amico, President
Melissa J. Kong, Correspondent
2009 Allison E. Stalla, President
Stuart R. Lombardi, Gift Chair
Fiona MacQuarrie Helmuth, Correspondent
2010 Wenxi Li, President
Julia E. Pollan, Gift Chair
Kory E. Diserens, Correspondent
2012 Lily C. Gillespie, President
Sarah B. Chapin, Co-Correspondent
Kathryn E. Steck, Co-Correspondent
2013 Amy C. Soenksen, President
Alex M. Orlov, Correspondent
William M. Rusche, Correspondent
2014 Meghan T. Doherty, President
James Nguyen, Gift Chair
Lauren E. Lanzotti, Correspondent
2015 Reuben E. Dizengoff, President
Benjamin C. Fields, Correspondent
2016 Phoebe L. Greenwald, President
Eli J. Burgard, Gift Chair
Kaitlin A. McCabe, Correspondent
2017 Silvia M. Radulescu, President
Conor M. Lamberti, Gift Chair
Michael Z. Burchesky, Correspondent
Ilana R. Schwartz, Correspondent
2018 Lilly A. Pieper, President
Caroline M. Langan, Gift Chair
Matthew H. Lebowitz, Correspondent
2019 Karthik Ravishankar, President
Sarah A. Pickup, Gift Chair
2020 Nadav G. Konforty, President
Ruth H. Schmidt, Correspondent
2021 Walter J. Westhoff, Gift Chair
2022 Krithika Ravishankar, Gift Chair
2023 Felix R. Tager, President
Claire M. Kaplan, Gift Chair
Maeve H. Wroblewski, Correspondent


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