We have regional alumni associations throughout the country and around the world, so you’re never too far from an active and energetic Hamilton community!
Alumni, parents, and staff work together to plan and present a wide array of regional events. These include Alumni Colleges, community service programs, events with the College president and senior staff, career networking, sports, and social events.

If you would like to organize an association or plan an event in your area, please contact Alumni Relations at 866-729-0314 or alumni@hamilton.edu

Committee Members

Tara Huggins ’14

Chair, Regional Alumni Associations


Jazmin Gatto de Torres ’01

Vice Chair, Regional Alumni Associations


Nancy Huckaby

College Liaison, Regional Alumni Associations





Denise Meza Reyes ’16



Natalie Sanchez ’07





Nate Burbank ’11

New York City





Matt D’Amico ’08

Washington, D.C.



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