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1812 Leadership Scholar

Claire Barton ’14  

The deep roots of social tradition and the friendliness of the student body led Claire to choose Hamilton College. While attending Accepted Students Day, she was adorned with a fake mustache by the People Who Like to Do Fun Things Club and immediately knew that College Hill would be her home for the next four years.

Claire came to Hamilton from Valparaiso, Indiana, already prepared to study biology in preparation for a career in medicine. She counts herself fortunate to “have the opportunity to use top notch [scientific] equipment that will likely be a part of life beyond the Hill.”

While in Professor Gapp’s “Food for Thought” course, she found inspiration for her thesis in which she is studying the bodily effects of the industrial chemical bisphenol A (BPA). During a planning discussion with Professor Gapp, Claire “realized that I was about to lead a project largely of my own making that would focus on a real problem. THAT is when my studies became real, important, and much more interesting.”

Outside of traditional classroom learning, Claire participates in various volunteer opportunities such as Challah for Hunger and Spring Farm Cares, a nearby animal sanctuary. She is also a violinist in the Hamilton College Orchestra and a DJ and e-board member of WHCL, the College radio station.

For Claire, the draw of a Hamilton College experience is much more than an “impeccable education.” It is the sense of happiness and honor that comes in conjunction with living and learning in a community that embraced her even before her matriculation.

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