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1812 Leadership Scholar

Conor Fox '15

Conor’s initial criteria for a college included “small, located in the Northeast with great academics and a golf team.” But Hamilton stood out to Conor for so much more, including its strong sense of community. In jest the sophomore from Winnetka, Ill., adds, “Maybe it was the free half-moon cookie on the campus tour, but it just felt like the perfect school for me.”

Conor says he has benefitted from Hamilton’s long-standing tradition of teaching students how to communicate effectively and think creatively, which are essential for success in any field. He also values how Hamilton’s open curriculum allows him to explore many different fields of study and search for one that really clicks. For Conor, those turned out to be economics and math; he plans to pursue a career in finance and eventually start a business.

Conor’s Hamilton experience has encouraged him to be the best at what he loves, and to surround himself with people he genuinely enjoys. “Hamilton seems to possess that utopian quality of keeping our noses to the grindstone while conserving our laid back nature,” he says.

When he isn’t in the classroom or hitting the links as a member of the golf team, Conor serves as a Study Buddy, tutoring middle- and high-school students. Through this experience, he has met kids with dreams of making a difference, but who he perceives are being held back by a lack of encouragement. “I could not imagine growing up without the examples of hard work and motivation my parents showed me, as well as the opportunities afforded to me.”

Conor is impressed by the number of alumni who give back by making gifts to the Annual Fund, returning to campus to share their post-graduate experiences or opening doors to opportunities for students. “It just goes to show you, the College’s community spans far beyond the Hill.”

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