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1812 Leadership Scholar

Peter Talpey ’14

Peter was faced with a difficult choice regarding where to attend college. He was torn between matriculating at either his mother’s or his father’s alma mater. In the end, Hamilton’s “close-knit community” and the “contact students have with professors” won him over. “At other schools I visited, I did not feel such a strong investment to teaching and mentoring that the Hamilton faculty holds dear.”

A native of Rochester, New York, Peter shares that the relationships he has developed with Professors Kantrowitz and Cockburn have been extremely valuable, helping to shape his academic direction. “[They] … have both been mentors in my mathematical development and have encouraged me to delve deeper.” He first discovered his love of math while taking “Modern Algebra.” He was “thrust into the world of abstract thinking…and loved it.” He discovered that sometimes it is the asking and perhaps not the answering that brings him the most satisfaction. A math major, he also enjoys serving as a computer science teaching assistant.

In addition to math, Peter loves the outdoors. He became an Adirondack Adventure leader, which he calls “a highlight of my Hamilton career. Having the ability to shape incoming students’ perspectives and paths as they begin college is immensely powerful. Becoming a mentor to a peer makes me feel like I am giving back to Hamilton in the best way.” He also spends hours rock climbing, which he labels his “athletic passion.” Peter notes that it’s easy to want to take advantage of the variety of experiences available. “Everyone at Hamilton brings such an energy and level of devotion to academics, sports, and clubs that is contagious.”

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