Alumni Participation Challenge

Nick Solano ’14

Government/ Economics major from Nashua, N.H.

Nick Solano ’14 is executive director of Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley, a local affiliate of the nation’s largest volunteer home rehabilitation organization. As a COOP service intern, Nick was partnered with RTMV as a sophomore, and it wasn’t long before he was invited to join the board. Currently Nick volunteers more than eight hours a week writing grants, evaluating applications, making home visits and strategizing with board members. He is also starting a club on campus for students interested in the business side of non-profits. 

"I’ve learned how to take a theoretical classroom discussion and apply it to advocate for people. Helping good people who take pride in their homes have a roof to keep them warm in the winter or a bathroom that is functional ­— those things make a tangible difference in people’s lives. I plan to pursue a career in non-profit management, but my ultimate goal is to be the best at whatever I do."

— Nick Solano ’14

"I didn’t teach Nick to have this passion. I see my role as a connector — a facilitator who helps students put their skills to good use. When a student says, ‘I have an idea. I haven’t done this before, but I think I might be good at it,’ I help identify the resources."

— Amy James, director of
Hamilton’s Community
Opportunity and Outreach Program

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