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Steps for Successful Classmate Outreach

  1. Share your own reasons for giving and urge classmates to join you in supporting Hamilton through the Annual Fund.
  2. Offer classmates the information, time and support needed to make a comfortable and proportionately generous gift decision.

There are many ways to reach out to classmates on behalf of Hamilton. In priority order of effectiveness, they are: (1) face-to-face conversation; (2) live telephone call; (3) hand-written message; (4) personal email message; (5) text message or social-media message; (6) telephone voicemail message. Three steps to success:

Step 1: Prepare

  • Make your own gift first, and be conversant with your personal reasons for giving.
  • Using the Annual Fund Volunteer Site, review your classmate’s biographical information, amount and frequency of past giving, and the current suggested gift hope.
  • Understand how Hamilton uses Annual Fund gifts: for financial aid, for the Career Center, and for programs in oral and written communications across the curriculum.

Step 2: Make contact

  • Always acknowledge past support, if any, and celebrate significant past gifts, notable increases or Continuous Continentals status (10 or more years of consecutive giving, or every year since graduation for GOLD classes).
  • Tell your story: “I’m giving this year because …”; “I volunteer to do this because.…”
  • Share your own reasons for giving and ask for their support. Suggest a specific amount that is thoughtful and proportionate to their prior giving.
  • Listen thoughtfully to any objections. If you do not feel you can address them, put them in touch with you’re the staff representative for you class in the Alumni Office.
  • Report your results on the Annual Fund Volunteer Site. If a pledge is made, record the specific dollar amount on the Report My Results tab; staff will follow up.

Step 3: Follow up

  • Say thank you with an email or handwritten note. The sooner, the better.
  • If you miss the person or reach an answering machine, leave a concise message with your contact information. Request a call back.
  • If an initial email receives no response, follow up with a phone call.
  • Always report your results in the Annual Fund Volunteer site so the Alumni Office can follow up promptly on pledge commitments, refusals or address/phone updates.

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