What about Smaller Estates?

Planning opportunities exist for estates of all sizes:

  • Create an estate plan;
  • Review your existing estate plan now with your advisors to be sure tax law changes have not altered it;
  • Estate taxes may come into play in 2013;
  • Consider using the annual gift tax exclusion, which allows everyone to transfer up to $13,000 to as many family members and friends as he/she wishes.

Throughout the years, estate gifts of all sizes have contributed substantially to Hamilton’s endowment, providing much-needed funds for scholarship aid, faculty support and improved academic facilities. In honor of Hamilton’s bicentennial, the College hopes to enroll 200 new Joel Bristol Associates. If you have included Hamilton in your Will, please call Ben Madonia ’74 at 866-729-0317 or return the reply card.

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Ben Madonia

Director of Planned Giving
866-729-0317 bmadonia@hamilton.edu

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Fred Rogers

Director of Annual Giving

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