An Alumnus Uses CRUT to Augment Retirement Income

“We were thinking about making a gift to Hamilton and at the same time wanted to put aside additional funds for retirement. The solution was easy — a charitable remainder unitrust ( or CRUT).”

Jaime ’71 and Christine Yordan established a CRUT that makes modest payments and provides an income tax deduction during the time one or both of them are employed. On a future date selected by the Yordans, they will begin receiving quarterly payments based on a percentage of the trust assets. This type of trust typically is selected by younger donors to maximize tax-free growth in the early years and quarterly payments during retirement.

Funded with cash, securities, real estate, or other appreciated assets, a CRUT makes payments to the donors and ultimately benefits Hamilton. Hamilton’s Director of Planned Giving Ben Madonia has helped donors complete many gifts of complex assets. The minimum CRUT contribution is $100,000.

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Ben Madonia

Director of Planned Giving
866-729-0317 bmadonia@hamilton.edu

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Director of Annual Giving

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