A charitable remainder unitrust allows you to make a gift that ultimately benefits the College while providing you or another beneficiary with quarterly payments. You will receive an income tax charitable contribution deduction, and potentially save capital gains and estate taxes.

A unitrust provides variable payments expressed as a percentage of market value on the annual valuation date. As trust assets appreciate, payments increase. Of course, the opposite also is true.

If you are interested in learning more about charitable remainder unitrusts, please contact Ben Madonia '74 or Joni Chizzonite via email at bmadonia@hamilton.edu or jchizzon@hamilton.edu, or by phone at 866-729-0317.

Planning Pointer: You may wish to establish a flip unitrust to delay payments until a triggering event (such as retirement), allowing you to benefit from immediate tax savings and payments taxed advantageously.

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Director of Annual Giving

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