The Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trusts are completed by individuals who wish to make a significant contribution to Hamilton

Donors Age 65+


  • Redeploying assets for retirement
  • Seeking a higher yield on an asset
  • Desiring an income tax charitable contribution deduction
  • Wanting to save capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated securities or property

Donors Age 50-65

  • Working, accumulating assets for retirement
  • Seeking supplemental payments for retirement
  • Desiring an income tax charitable contribution deduction
  • Looking to reinvest assets in a tax efficient way
  • Facing a one-time taxable event
A charitable remainder trust provides the following benefits:
  • Quarterly payments for the lifetime(s) of the donor (or donors) based on the initial contribution — an annuity trust — or the annual valuation of trust assets — a unitrust.
  • An immediate income tax charitable contribution deduction.
  • Capital gains tax savings when the gift is made with appreciated assets held long-term (e.g. securities or real property).
  • Potential estate tax savings.
  • Trust remainder value to Hamilton. 
Planning Pointer
  • For donors who are employed, a charitable remainder "flip" unitrust that begins making payments at retirement age may be preferable to a standard unitrust.

To calculate the financial benefits for a charitable remainder trust, go to the Gift Calculator.

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Ben Madonia

Director of Planned Giving
866-729-0317 bmadonia@hamilton.edu

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Director of Annual Giving

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